All Good Things!

~ Pa’Ris’Ha

From the Mindspace of Pa’Ris’Ha

Wisdom shared by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha 

  The system of living for the Cherokee meant being surrounded by demonstrations of value and examples of respect. Parisha Taylor teaches us that respect goes out to everything as being valuable. The knowledge that all Creation is a living ecosystem and that even...

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Parisha Taylor Shares There Are Secret Places…

~ There Are Secret Places…~         There are secret places where stories of our lives sit silent only to those who cannot believe and know there is so much more to it than you were open to time has moved past it and the seasons...

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Who Am I? Ask Parisha Taylor

That is one of humanity’s biggest questions, Who Am I? And the reason why I suggest you ask Parisha Taylor is that she gives the best response I have ever heard; read below. She says that we are the ‘I AM”. What does that mean? That we, in compliment to our Observer,...

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Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha Speaks ~ Days of Sharing

Days with my Cherokee grandmother were spent in which we shared everything. Everyone was responsible to do their part and add to the comforts of all. We began at age four to add to the table, to harvest the berries and foods of the land. There were no homeless and...

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Parisha Taylor ~ What Is Our Purpose Here?

We are intelligence in form; we exist to express its mission in this field and dimension. We were sent forth to become, and we are needed. Our component is vital to the whole. We exist only that God is and has given purpose to our being here. No matter how you may not...

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Parisha Taylor ~ All Good Things

Rituals are messages to a greater unseen intelligence that surrounds us in every atom. DO something to acknowledge you know it’s present. Each change of the season is a cyclic spiral of evolution. Are you awake? Aware of the most powerful source that exists because it...

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  • Philanthropist
  • Incurable people watcher and humanitarian
  • Perennial student of neurosciences and the brain
  • Practical psychology and evolutionary sciences
  • Peace ambassador
  • Cherokee Spiritual Elder
  • Spiritual teacher
  • Ancient Tablet Keeper and Interpreter
  • 55 years of health, wealth and happiness coaching and training
  • Coaches and trains in success and business
  • Activist, life coach and leader in human development

Pa’Ris’Ha has both European and Native American heritages. She is a business consultant and Mentor, and a perennial student of Earth Sciences and Cosmology. A Spiritual Archeologist and global traveler, and an ambassador for peace and advocate of human rights. She gives credit to her Native Elders and Global Mentors and teaches in wonderful stories that recall her life experiences.

Pa’Ris’Ha’s accomplishments include being a keynote speaker in the Parliament of World Religions Centennial Interfaith Program in Chicago with the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa; in China, a catalyst in bringing Eastern and Western medical professionals together to seek a cure for HIV; a popular and often sought after speaker at the University of Physics  read more

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