Around the fire on a hillside high over the Ohio Valley, looking across the Serpent Mounds of the Ancient Peoples, she wraps her blanket across her back and pulls us all close under its warmth, the smell of Sacred Smoke blessing, strong and sweet in its fabric. With a smile, her voice is trance-inducing as she begins to hum and rock us while brushing the hair from our faces with her warm and assuring touch. She chants and sings to us of the Great Spirit’s love of us and heals our disbelief with her patience and faith. This is the way of a Grandmother, a title used when referring to a wise and loving Elder of Great Spirit’s work.

Many come filled with disbelief and determination to discredit her, only to be profoundly transformed by her unending Joy and Courage. We are all transparent before her, and she us. She touches our spirits and awakens the love that lays hidden beneath all of our fears. She is simple and clear intelligence. Parisha Taylor introduces us to trust, and consistently demonstrates the reality of it. Her arms and heart are open to all.

Her voice is the wind that moves through the Great Canyons, and the sound of the birds on the new day. She sings and my spirit is set free to fly! She whispers and darkness is broken with the flooding of Light. All Fear is released with her humor and laughter. The Sun shines through the overcast of thick moodiness as she plays and shares with us her eternal child.

When people call themselves her enemy, she watches with respect and compassion. As a target for hate she is transparent, allowing it to pass through, not engaging, but disarming it by not taking a defensive stand. Instead she lays her heart and body upon the Earth Mother and then stands to Father Sky and lifts her arms in giving Great Thanksgiving. In the face of prejudice and racism she sits with dignity, courage and compassion.

The Sun, Stars, Clouds and all the Sky interact with her and her life of pure service. Her energy is endless! I have stood beside her in the great waters and watched as they have come to greet and interact with her in complete cooperation and open communication. After her prayers on a cloudless day, I have felt the rain touch our faces and kiss our hands. The Eagle and Hawk fly in formation above her when she asks for their guidance. I have observed pure astonishment on people’s faces as lightning dances with the direction of her fingers. I have seen food for only a few fill many people’s hunger after her blessing of Great Thanksgiving.

People have said she has power. She replies, “No, there is only One Power, Love. I have respect for and live within the One.” When she works with the Forces, she says,”They do not come because I am more powerful than they are. They come as do all who are in service to The One. They assist me and I assist them.We are of the Same”. All the forest and its inhabitants are truly family to her.

Here by the Fire she begins to sing to us her “Heart Song,” which I have watched touch many. She has shared that “Before I took up this body, my people sang this song to call me from the Mother Universe, it is my Heart Song. The Heart Song is the music of a person’s Spirit. We can pass it on to others as we sing, so I pass it to all of you who wish to walk into my soul and journey to the Center of the All That Is in All Things.”

As she sings, the Sky Nations become more profound and visible, with shooting stars coming from all directions. I begin to feel as though I will burst with love and appreciation of it all. She has said to me, “Look up at the fire of our Ancestors in the skies and remember you are all of these things. Father Sky wraps his Great Arms of love around our Earth Mother and we are in a safe place, so we can grow and be as children again.” Her singing continues as her words weave in and out of its melody. “You are loved! You were created in the likeness that you see there in the Sky.”

Her every word empowers me to keep going and helps me know that her faith in me today is birthing my faith in Mankind and also in myself. As I watch her I find myself praying silently and extending my trust once again. I thank God for her, and all my Elders. I vowed to protect them and the purity of the Love they emanate.

In our life walk together she has often called me “Little Papa” because I get so serious and treat her as a child at times, yet it is with complete joy in my Spirit that she is my Mother, my true Friend as well as my Elder of Pure Love.

On the dawn of my birth, Parisha Taylor returned me to the Sun, and announced to all Creation that I was born free and that she would always protect that freedom to grow of my own message and be the manifestation of my purpose to the One, and that she accepts me totally as I am.

This is life alongside Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha!


Bullhead is the first born child and son of Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha.
We thank him for permission to copy this article.

© 1995 Bullhead