Don’t Just Say It, Act Upon Peace!

 Don’t Just Say It, Act Upon Peace! 


On January 1st, 1942 twenty six nations came together and laid the base for our future and pledged to maintain international peace and security. They declared to advance friendship among nations, to promote human rights and fundamental civil liberties, and to cooperate in solving international economic, social, and political problems. The UN was to serve as a sort of clearing house and center for coordination. There are six major components of the UN, The General Assembly, Security Council, International Court of Justice, and Secretariat have some part of them, as do several other bodies within the UN. One being the World Health Organization, (WHO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In 1990 a new pattern of conflict and war surfaced. Nations were no longer fighting nations; it was mostly conflict within the nations’ own borders. Beginning in the 1990’s, nine out of ten battles were among countrymen. What is that saying to us?

The financial base for the UN is so minimal. It operates on about $1.25 billion a year. The United States puts in about twenty percent of that. This is less than one tenth of one percent of the US Federal budget. That is less than seventeen percent of the US humanitarian and international budget. And even a smaller fraction compared to what is spent internationally to equip military forces.

In celebration of the sixth birthday this year we have much to be in appreciation for. Helping end civil war in Bosnia, lifting famine in Afghanistan, eradicating polio in the Americas and smallpox in the world. Bringing peace to dozens of war torn nations, thus we can say it is money well spent.

The questions that remain are: How do we do better? And how much more is needed? So let us turn our faces to the East Coast and make our focus the UN and let us all become more aware of what is happening there and become actively supporting it.

To me as a T’Saligi, it is a resemblance of our Council system and it works if we all work it. So let our presence be felt. Let’s get inside the activities there and let’s take Tawah there. Let’s reach beyond our own borders in outreach and let’s speak for our honor and virtue as a people. Research all the offices that operate inside this place of light and let’s do what we can. Get a list of offices to appeal to and to write your opinions to! Send a voice and that voice is peace. Let us heal the need to destroy and abuse. WE need you and ask your help now!

© 1990 Pa’Ris’Ha