A major Eclipse on November 13-14, 2012.

Unlike the one on May 20th, 2012, this one will be total blockage of the Sun’s reflection on Moon.

For those not up on this information, a Lunar Eclipse is when there is an alignment of Sun, Earth, and Moon. This event has happened twice this year, which is significant when you are aware of energy fields, and the effects it has on our magnetics and the impact of resistance in the field of matter.

The total effects will be visible mostly over water. Ancient Tablet Keepers and Mayan Day Keepers Astronomical wisdom say that is significant, in as much as what will have physical effects on the Planet in this new Cycle. The Ancients say there will be transformation through water; the last full cycle of the Milky Way was 125,000 years ago and the transformation of life here on Earth was by Fire and planetary eruptions.

This Eclipse will also only be visible from a small part of land in Northern Australia. The latest research says the continent is breaking up and has probability of going into the Sea.

The Native Peoples of this Country called, Aboriginals or Blacks, have Ancient hieroglyphics that say they will return as Fish after this time of change. There are a few among the Australian Natives that say it is meaningful that the East Coast of Queensland, know as the gateway to the country’s famed Great Barrier Reef is also the gateway to viewing this Eclipse.  The Great Barrier Reef which is linked to the Ancestors here and very sacred is the origins for the Natives here. There is ancient symbols and glyps through out the Australian landscapes showing the alignment of this eclipse and the other constellations at this precise time.

There are many views on this event, myths, traditions, theological, and scientific knowledge, I am well studied in it all and feel it important to all life here to be aware that there is a physical effect that does take place in the Planet and therefore in our Body. Mind and Spirit on such events.

Research in Physics say we are not all solid particles, that actually we are only .0000001 solid matter and 99.9999999 energy. So the point is as energy and matter this event has effects on our existence, subtle as it may be, it is there.

Ancient tablets and historical records speak to the timeliness of this Eclipse, that proceeds the beginning of a new universal cycle on Dec 21, 2012.

The Eclipse dates are November 13-14 2012.
So I think it might be a good time to gather with loved ones and like-minded friends and share some time in a sacred manner of your choice.

Science has validated scriptures of the extraordinary really being the ordinary. The fact is there is true oneness of all life and things. Native peoples have always understood the inner-connectedness of all life, even beyond our own planet.

It is truly a powerful and exciting time to be in Earth. Change is good. It charges the field of energy we exist in. Let us celebrate the magnificence of Being and in the here and now!!

All good things… GMP