When is the last time you experienced a sunrise?

Not just saw it, but experienced it …

Sunrise is always so exciting and clarifying for me. As the colors in the horizon increase, I feel a lifting feeling stirring in my middle (it’s like being in a fast elevator!).

I am usually sitting in waiting of it, and as Nunda (the Sun) rises, I feel compelled to stand.

And as I lift my arms and the Sunlight washes over me, I am reborn again to a new day of possibilities, and therefore – a new life.

It is a glorious day to create freedom and know your power. Awaken to realization and love. You are a child and seed of the stars, and a genius of great purpose.

As this day’s Sunrise walked across the land and bathed me, I was so happy to know I am given the gift of another day.

What will you do with this day?

I encourage you, over the next couple of days, to experience a Sunrise. Wait for it, stand to greet it, and take it in with every sense.

To greeting each new day as an opportunity,