“Getting lots of mail regarding media and newspapers. People just beginning to know you really can’t believe that print is real and true. Cant believe ll on Internet either. We Can understand Reporters are not doing anything other than making a living and have ambitions to be famous and noted. We create the animal! They sell fiction and fantasy, maybes and hearsay! Sensation sell. Fear is a greater hook! We buy and pay for lies and personal reflections of the mentally handicapped and disturbed people who call themselves journalists and reporters. Like it or not, whether you agree or not, the first thought of the human brain is curiosity. The job responsibility of news reporters is to sell the printed, or photo caught instances that validate their story line. They target people for personal reasons most often. The first rule of politics is make it impactful with fear or loss and believable! This wall paper goes out to over fifty million in a week and is translated into 27 languages and dialects.
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