Today after many days of travel and everyday doing my service roles which I Love I found myself on Hervey Bay beach with my family that felt I needed some “kick back” time my Husband Tony calls it. I still feel pretty spaced out and silent from days of Nuwati and Dimensional workings of mind, so sitting here watching my granddaughter find such joy in running from the waves and my daughter/her Mom, race down the beach with her, I just wanted to absorb every minute of it. The moments in time we have need be savored and held in memory for days when we will need them or when they are a page in our life’s story.

Just thinking of how my whole being felt watching them, keyed in the other children on the beach, other families, and suddenly I was so aware of birds chirping, waves touching the sand, peoples voices and laughter- a very big picture of all of it.

I allowed my mind to connect to the whole “field of MEST” (matter, energy, space and time) and felt love and good about just being there and us all being together! I know I’m sounding still out there and yes I am, but it is a precious time and I want everyone to have part in it.

A father was trying to get his toddler to walk in the waves breaking on the sand and the baby was squealing and giggling with delight but at same time running back upon beach and trying a get away from dad.

Then came dolphins jumping and playing, I turned to point them out to others and for a moment there was total silence and won’t go further with what unfolded but it was an unforgettable moment.

I have questioned what happened but feel it was in answer to my mind being so focused on the value of memories. Loved ones and being in the now will be a strong focus for the presentations I am doing in Sydney in a couple days!!!

So for you who will not be here to attend the presentations, live fully in the moment and be aware of All that is happening, and be open to allowing the connection you are to a much higher power, which I call Source. We are loved and allowed to have life as we truly can accept.

Children of God grow up to be? Do you live as kindness and appreciation? What do you expect if not?

May we all be blessed by the moments of life that brings us to the face of creator. I send you joy and all good things always. BE.