Preparing now for Dawn awakening. Such a moment. Sky clear, blue light so bright. Soon the ancients will show and for that moment I AM. Fasting peaks my senses and I am aware of each cell and atom of my body and being. I let the moon light pass across the mask and see it come alive. As exciting today as 60 years ago. A lifetime of the flow of life and the inner-connectedness of us all. You sleep in body but are with me now. Dream Speaker walks us into the other world, here we are always one. I will join with many Old Ones and so is Anna May, the Ancients come within the hour and will transmit all that unfolds and I will lift out of the Kiva when they open the door. The corn pollen brought by the ancient ones to give our people and renew the Great Cycle of life. I am Dawn Mother. I am born again in the Ana Ela and to this world all good things.