A season of expansion and growth. All good things!!

Due to traveling and this being a time of great ceremonial importance to me, I did a little ceremony here in San Diego at a park this morning and began by drumming!! About 50-60 people came to join us!! 15 children as well. I taught them chants and shared stories of cultural wisdom of this time and season.

When we were gathering, a large black Crow landed above me in a tree and just kept cawing, getting everyone to come!! She got quiet when I began speaking!!! After all was complete, she flew down on the ground next to me and looked all around, let out four loud calls, gave me a flick of her head, and then off she flew!! As she flew away, we all looked up; there was a Red Tail Hawk right above us! She circled seven times and flew to the North!! Another great day in Ani Ela (Earth) and Creator’s love present in every message!!!

I see the reflection of that love in all of these faces!!! May your season be one of great memories of all beautiful things and time spent in exchange of value that seeds your life with all good things!! I love Humanity and all living emanations of Creator’s relating to us with Love!!! In Nature there are reflections of all principles of life and prospering!!