When I look inside to what is important to my Being, I see the Smokey Mountains and Forest of my Homelands. When my Old Ones say to us never give up the land and never forget your Cherokee, that goes through every cell and atom of my Body/Altar, direct to my Spirit/Soul. All my adult life the heritage of my Mothers people has been questioned by many, I forgive all, here’s what I know…I live and walk in this world as Cherokee and I breathe every breath as Cherokee, and I look through the eyes of a Cherokee and when I leave this world it will be as a Cherokee-Aniyunwiya. This is how Creator made me and how my people the Cherokee accept me, and this makes my day always one of appreciation and gratitude. As I come home now in the winter of my life, there is such joy, may all people have and share life with loved ones and know the blessings of this life is always my prayer for you all!