Creator’s love for Man is not easily described. To live fully in Joy, is Creator’s plan for us. This makes me think of wonder filled days of my tender years as a child.

I recall days in the meadows and gardens when the buzz of the bees and flying Ones hummed through visits to the flowers and trees. Evenings of a chorus of Feathered and Winged Ones settling in for the night. Then Silence pervades…only to be invaded by the throaty voices of the tree frogs and marsh people’s songs. The rising and ebbing credenzas of the crickets and frogs, with a distant Hoot from Grandfather Owl, all orchestrating the Night Songs in the mountains of my homelands. Truly an experience of joy and connection with God/Creator.

Very young I learned of Nature and how it gives us this connection, and intimacy with ourselves and God/Creator. This knowledge is common to my people the Cherokees. We know every animal, and Being knows the main purpose of life is to enjoy and live fully all of the time of life we are given.

~ Pa’Ris’Ha