We have no religion to preach, we are people of many religions and manner of thinking, there is no life style pattern all must follow, self discovery and origin is what interests all of us. So we study and share and explore. We do not practice exclusion or separation. I am of the spiritual mind of Native Cherokee ways. So I speak from that point of Being, and others are of many Peoples and cultures as well. We come together as willing to help other than our self and explore life’s sciences.

As organization becomes realization, questions come that open windows of opportunity to share what we have learned. I am sharing one occasion such as this for all of you who say we are not sending out teachings and getting everyone on communication lines….so putting on Blog allows you each to come to your own needs and in convenience of your time zones….remember our membership is over 200K now and about 14 people are administrating communications. Appreciate them, I do!!!

Question to me: Do we need code all past articles?

Answer: No need to code past articles.
Beloveds you have this answer already in your beautiful and powerful minds, so track me here…and stay with me and focus.

When I saw results of what some of you were doing in resolving all the negative stuff from past opposition I watched it not only resolve matters, but showed a “gifting” from you and then it moved into being Nuwati/Tao moving and it was many of you reluctant doubting Tomas’s doing it!!!!!

I have such love for you and all that you are. Over so many years I had to watch you suffer for not allowing your gifts to flow!!! In writing you are coming to light fast. YOU ARE TEACHING!!! The Old Ones have seen you, Nuwati/Tao is moving with your intention. Some of you have begun to find joy in writing and gifting your formula/medicines. For others it is still a bit of resistance, but coming along. When we move in synergy (more than one,) we are already in harmonics!!!!! (In Remote Viewing I have taught many of you how to do this, and you have learned this, so now practice makes it stronger and dependable)

We are moving Beloveds…I love the ‘WE’ are moving…!!!!!

So here is some science to help you recall why it works…

MIM, Wolf; page 105.

“We imagine qwiffs to exist everywhere in space and time. They take on specific roles between what are called end points, or boundary points, in space and time-the initial and final events of history of an object. We think of these boundary points as real events and we picture the waves moving from one end point to the other in time with one pt going forward and other pt going backward (see example on page 104). The two qwiffs make a time loop. From the vantage point outside the loop a present moment connects in a single look in time with either a future event or a past event.

The dynamic laws governing time bring a story into being. In other words, when a time loop is created, the world we commonly and uncommonly experience as “out there’ arises both in our minds and in what we believe is objectively shared reality.”

For so many years many of you have coasted in a qwiff of your own making, regarding relationships. But see you came saying you are the People who have missions and assignments of great love! You want it all! Your formulas are direct coding from Creator. So it was assumed that you already had ability to be able to pull yourself out of the quagmire of your illusions. So after much effort, I had to begin cutting through it myself.

In order to feel accepted many had to be encouraged to follow their minds aberrations founded on past experience and influence. There were your life programs of confusion, emotional dependency, inflicted guilt, and all environmental influences of parents, family, religion, school and on and on, that formed these qwiffs. But you believed they were your real world Beloveds. So these addictions, even based on weak attachments ruled you, and you become the parents, you become the role models of your birth.

In Oneness thinking we are never separate nor does distance bring aloneness. Your choices rule your reality. Free will is the guardian that lets no one over ride your choices and decisions, you set it up. There is nothing there until you think it!!!! Only practice and holding a consistency can break the patterns, and they must come from your heart and mind with joy and appreciation. In aberrated mind, reactive mind not analogical mind, you live and create your qwiffs of reality. And it runs a cycle, over and over again.

You have put distance as your choice, you can no longer use others as your excuses. Now feeling the need to oppose and resist teachings of empowerment, had to be you and your need of separate from. (Hymmm separate thing is destructive thing….getting it! ) When you resisted all in the Circle as opportunity of extraordinary love, and accepting relationships it was apparent to all watching your choice was to destroy and hurt, LRH says this is 1.1 behavior and deadly. You actually thought of those who were living in complete service roles and being stronger and persisting, as losers!

Oh beloveds they are living the end result of being the Tao/Nuwati! It just looks otherwise to you with ego in your eyes and in your hearts. Their world is more than physical and material things, all catches up as source moves in clear wisdom of intention. You only see what you can see through yourself and judge from that perspective.

So now many of you are turning that around and putting in harmonics, you’re seeing it as what it is, your cause and effects, and then allowing the power of realization to change it. Resolving karma (negative old useless patterns) is happening and when you write these beautiful sharing’s of your stories, the God given synergy to move in favor of your Intentions of being a loving and caring Being with knowledge of Being and purpose in life is reality. Purpose you give yourself permission to live! You are loved and never judged, and have source always to move your intent to whatever level you can hold in focus and mind. And allowing yourself to see truth in your games and when it is not what you intend, changing it.

Any of this making sense to you? How many discussions we have had with this and now many lights are on….wonderful, wonderful!!!! So as we do the coding from this point on all time is connected and it will go backward and forward in your time loop!!!!! When you see this clearly and do it, when it is assimilated into how you think all the time, then you are connected to the flow of all good things

This reality has always been my intent for you and you have always been my family and loved ones. God so ordained you always to lift consciousness and seed the world of consciousness-happiness and peace.

So lets keep it moving and I love seeing your enjoying it now and writing from a place of discovery and respect of your life, and accepting love. You are all good things…1000 beautiful things and 100 sacred objects is what you word as intent to create today. Now let’s do it….

Hope this helps and please read Dr Wolf’s material on qwiffs again. All of your life circumstance was as you willed it to be, so use it to your highest good; it is your tools of trade and your institute of life degree!!! All is useful and with purpose.

Come my beautiful children and let me tell you a beautiful story said the Old One….and our life began….