Our days are numbered and our purpose is at the ends of our fingers. We are so unique and specifically commissioned for purposefully being here in the present, our fingerprints validate this, that no two humans have the same fingerprint. Our prints are maps of what we are here about and that it was Creator/God’s Intent of our BEING at all. Do you understand the I AM THAT I AM? It says you and God are ONE.

Do we really accept yourself as God Is? Our religions have other perspectives regarding this. After over fifty years of expansive reading and research in brain, physics, biology, world religions, theology and ancient civilizations, as well as many other sciences, I have come to trust science and its revelations of intelligence and practical mysticisms. The mystery only expands as we open the doors of discovery. It is as vast as the Universe. Ever heard you are not in the universe, the universe is in you? Well there is validation of that in our sciences.

Our body and the planet are the same. Indigenous Peoples of present Ancient Cultures say the Earth is our Mother for this reason. Our body is 70% water, so is Earth; we have as much salt in our body as the ocean. We have such perfect Anatomy and Physiology and how it all works of its own understanding. Our anatomical systems function without you needing to control and speak for it to maintain performance. How/ Why?

Our questions run rampant and uncontrolled. Wonderfully so, as it is this seeking that has gotten us this far. Hundreds of thousands of years as we measure them.

We have been given life here in this beautiful blue planet, to evolve and discover our end potential, which my Native Elders have discussed with me as being on time! In my search of over fifty years I have never found them to be wrong or off a minute. They have helped me understand coherence and present time.

The Old Ones share the ageless wisdoms; they are our living library of ancestral history. They say that yesterdays are only a dream, tomorrow only a vision, but today is now and present. When we follow the principles of nature and respect them, our yesterdays will be memories of happiness, and our tomorrows will be dreams come true. There is nothing so sorrowful as a person who spends all their time today plotting tomorrow by the past and yesterday. They have a clear vision of the what they want, but their beliefs do not have the strength to pursue it. If lucky, some good fortune should befall on them; they will go, but they don’t really expect anything to happen. So they wait, expecting the world to change for them, never guessing that they are what must change.

When we think, we make mental movies. The more we look at the movie’s picture on the mind’s screen, the more it becomes our reality. We no longer think of it as imaginary, when the emotional chemistry kicks in on what the mind has seen and the image causes delight, or tears, or even anger.  Our emotions manipulate us and cause us to do things we would never do, under different circumstances. When we give in, these mental suggestions cause us pain, jealousy, and even anger. If our mental vision tells us we have been wronged, anger causes us to react foolishly. ln such cases, we tend to go on the warpath, not for any commonsense reason, but because we fed ourselves the wrong mental pictures.

Our innate nature is to deny that we are powerful and we most often play victims to escape the re-spond-sI-ability (Responsibility) to do something about our circumstances. Truth is, we don’t want to do change.  Then there is the opposite of that at the same time, and we do care and want solutions and hope someone or some higher power will intervene and make it happen. Miracles do happen when you realize it is you that you are waiting for!! The conflict is natural as we have two brain hemispheres that are opposites!! We just need to observe and then follow our hearts.

But as time goes by, we create the sense of distance and become insensitive to matters; we are then no longer emotionally attuned to it. And as time goes, we no longer feel the connection and they slip away in the massive subconsciuosness that directs our life when we no longer know or feel; it now means nothing and we do nothing with it. In Cherokee, we speak this as “gv ge wi s di” means the same in all languages.  The difference is, if we decide to drop it and move on, that’s personal control. But if it is denial, it will really not go away and will keep coming back up in many other ways.

So what is a reality of control and power – to know what we really want and focus on the “what” that is. Relax and do not start going for the how, allow the pure intelligence to move that is all around you. Hold your mind set and it will manifest. Practice mindfulness. It is your liberator!! What is important then?  KNOW WHAT we want or need, only in that will we ever  have it.