Challenges. Tough Times. Failure. These times are teaching times.

We can learn without crisis; it’s choice. We are born and evolve through phases of changes. As a child, we are aware of details of changes, take to them open heartedly, and apply ourselves to learning. We are taught to do the fundamentals of getting around, feeding ourselves, toilet training, bathing, picking up and putting away, and caring of things.

Learning is evolving. We evolve until death. Just as when we were a child, we will find our selves in situations where we haven’t learned yet about something. Or maybe we know and we just don’t do it.

It doesn’t matter what age we are; if we are alive, we are evolving and we will keep learning, through study or crisis. We fail forward as we learn and take action until we get it right.

So, if you are encountering the same situations in life, then you’re just being shown what you are not understanding or doing.

Life is evolution. It has purpose. You are unique, because you are one of a kind, as your finger print reveals.

Out of a billion sperms you won the race to the Mother’s egg and from that win, your experience of physical life has begun. Meet each challenge as you did that race and continue with victories. It is moving constantly to completion, and stops. Until then live, laugh, learn, and love!!