When we start thinking of the many things we really want to happen, what it will take is keeping your full attention and focus on it. Attention is like a powerful camera that has fast automatic adjustments that take place at lightning speed to capture the moment. Inattention is apathy, like sleeping on the job and missing the possibility due to slow recollection, and comes out as a blurry photo.

Stop; think about what it is you want. Do the job right!! Hold your own desire and don’t get distracted by competition or ego.

Most likely there are many doing the same thing, but only on personality. The right look, the right smile, or the right language will work for a little while, and then comes the substance. So make it real. Make it work. Give it your full attention; be clear its what’s needed and it matters to you that it is the best and that an equal and real exchange has happened. – GMP

“I must give something of real value to show that my whole being goes with the gift.”

– Chased-by Bears, Santee Yanktonao Sioux 1867