Letter to Parisha Taylor from Paige Martin

It seems to be a game and sport today to abuse and make un-named claims against those of us who are different; those who live in a state of caring and living to a greater value of Mankind than most.

I am an attorney at law and have made it a point in my life to excel and be a credited legal officer of the courts in Ohio. I am Paige Martin. So all you gossip mongers and liars run to your computers and chew on this.

I have some things I want to say to all the trashing that you do about Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor. I have worked with her for over twenty years. I have never met anyone more ethical and honest. She does not say she is exceptional, we who come to know her, or are touched with her gifts to heal and help do that. We call her Elder and Grandmother – a loving term of endearment.

She has never asked for or gotten our possessions and wealth. She does charge for her services and businesses and then gives it to support the many who need. She gives more than most people. Her service and work as Pa’Ris’Ha is trademarked to make sure all in her name goes to projects and the needs of others. I have personally handled the legalities of that myself for her. She does not control anyone in this organization. I, for one would be further in life if she did. She refuses to allow anyone to be dependent and weak around her. She has helped many to further their education, get businesses started and has been an example of human value.

She does not live at Friendship Village, with those who live there, of the organization and staff. In the business endeavors over the years she does not make herself boss or CEO. She serves as a member of the board, even when most of what is generated comes from her ideas and work. She is a mentor; she teaches from what she has learned. She always credits others and acknowledges them for the service and work.

As I read how you distort what you say you hear and read, and how totally untrue what you report is, I want people to know that I have been present when Joanne Sustar was taken to the hospital and died days later in a hospital from anemia. I saw how it became a zoo, respecting no one. Not the grieving people who loved her and were overwhelmed by her death. She (Joanne) like many people, and those of us who were with her there on the beach put sand over our bodies. Yes she put something; my recall of it was a face cloth over her face, because the wind blew sand in our eyes if not. Some of us used snorkels to breathe to keep blowing sand from being breath in. Kids play: that is how we saw it. No evil, morbid cult thing. Surely there was no intention of harm or hurting our self or anyone else. We had read and heard of people being able to “detox” from the minerals in the sand off Virginia Beach, so we did it.


Some of the fuel for the fire prior to Joanne’s death, was Pa’Ris’Ha had confronted a man who had come to our organization for help on collecting money and clothing for Plains Natives about being dishonest in where this was going. He was highly endorsed, and still is by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Jim Fry sold the items that many of us filled his barn with to Dr. Mooney’s group and they sold the donated items to the Natives for gain and profit. Plus they took nine hundred dollars that was given in cash.

At this time the Cleveland Plain Dealer and area media had been supportive to our organization and Pa’Ris’Ha’s work. Not knowing Jim Fry was a relation to them, she went to the newspaper to release a story to expose this and stop it from going on. When she started getting slammed by all the Plain Dealer lies and sensationalizing of her work and service, she did not let any of us step up and take the impact, yet numbers of us in the organization were present through it all. She stood alone in it. I have to admit I was grateful because I saw how insane it all became.

She remained calm and forgiving. I know how some of you are thinking when I say that. But that is who she really is. She forgave them every time. She had something to say of how all comes to good. She believes that, I do not. I know how unbelievable it is to accept the information you have read. I can only say I was there, I know her and have never found anything fraudulent about her. She brought us all into her family and she shares her life with us generously and is transparent. I was in North Carolina with her a number of times, I have come to know many family members, many of us sat with her Mother in North Carolina while she told us stories of why she never had the courage to take up the old ways like her daughter did. I know who she is.

The reports and whole hyped up mess just went on and on. There was not a seed of reality in it. We were all stunned and could not believe the blatant lies. The reporter writing most of it admitted to a number of us in the Center he was getting published and she was his ticket to fame. The other newspapers just ran copy of his stuff. He started to run with the Indians on her case and reported just really totally ungrounded crap.

The cult stuff and the reflection of her like a Jim Jones person was the cap for me. They really were milking the drama and taking it in so many directions it was like the Hollywood gossip columns. Not any of us knew where they were getting all that and it was so absurd, it was just crazy.

When the so-called reports of what the Indians are saying gets going I really have a problem with that as an attorney. The leaders of A.I.M. (American Indian Movement) are all mixed Indians with Caucasian blood lines, and many have pale, white shins, so what is all that? They have had past criminal charges made against them and their intent to harm non-native people. A bit messed up I think.

A well-known family from Pine ridge Reservation, Charles Chips’ group, has suffered badly with his alcoholic episodes for years. When he came to ask Pa’Ris’Ha to help him do a Sun Dance, and she agreed to let them come to the organization’s land in Ohio. His daughters wrote letters to Pa’Ris’Ha’s daughter telling her about the things he does to them. Pa’Ris’Ha helped his wife and children get to a safe place not known to him, and made him leave the land. After that she really started getting slammed.

People who say things and hide behind claimed fears of her are lying, if any of the newspapers claims to such are real. Those who have come to know her know she would not harm even a worm or fly. When people could not meet the ethical standards she holds they left the organization and bad-mouthed her for it. Is that uncommon? She also has extended herself to help many who have been rejected by family and society. Some did not go well, and after many years of tolerance, she asked them to leave. She is very direct and outspoken. She does not waste time with false compliments or ego fixes. She is real and loves people and extends all she can to everyone. She helps every stray, lost or suffering person she meets. She has been Mother to many who did not have one, or whose family or Mother was not caring or capable of Mothering them. Hey, I know what you’re thinking – I have been there and yes, she is pretty unbelievable.

What I learned from years of study even before I meet Pa’Ris’Ha was how politically divided the Native people are. She never discredited anyone’s ways. Yet they all have different ways, so when I read someone saying she is a racist, my goodness look at what you are reading. Claims of proof and yet not listing it – come on get real here. I mean you have to be more intelligent than that and can see the biased remarks. To make fun or rebuke people of kindness and acceptance is a person with a real problem.

When a free lance reporter called to attend a meeting in Memphis Tenn., and the coordinator told Pa’Ris’Ha he was antagonistic, and she thought not to allow him to attend, it was Pa’Ris’Ha that said let him come – you never know, he may learn something or turn a corner in life from what he experiences here. When he left that night he asked her forgiveness for what he was going to do. She hugged him as usual and said to him as she always says – “follow your heart, Son.” He wrote a lot of bunk on the Internet and in his article. She would not speak ill of him. I saw that as another hopeful thinking they could become important by printing what seems to sell, which is what they can make weird, and freaky.

I have traveled many places around the world with her, as she teaches and shares. She teaches in universities and global educational institutes, and they totally get what she says and teaches, yes it can seem weird to the uneducated and studied. Science proves a lot of mystical things as ordinary when you understand how it happens and she does that well. She is different, she is zealous of life, she is passionate and is always seeing the good. She loves like most of us cannot. I do not know how to explain how she works the things I have seen her do. She makes nothing extra-extraordinary of herself – she believes we are all extraordinary. My parents are both ministers, so I was raised as a Christian, and I trust that she is always in God’s charge and service and there are times he uses her as his instrument.

I come forward as many of us who have worked with her in world matters of service, and I know she does not want anyone of us to suffer the insult and lies that are out there, but then, I have to speak or not be who I am. She has taken it alone, far too long. Her family and children have borne the burden of pain and suffered the insults, far too many years. Anyone of you who read this and please consider the distorted messages you have read for the lies they are, measure her from your own knowledge and knowing her.

When asked about all the claims made as to who she was or is, I love how she defines herself: “a Daughter, Wife, Mother and Grandmother, a perennial student and people watcher.” And that is all fact. She has introduced me to amazing studies. Over the past several years she has studied Ron Hubbard materials and shared how prolific a writer he was, and how he bases his writing on sciences that have even progressed beyond where he wrote. For that she and many of us got caught up in Scientology’s battle. When that happened, she said to me, that I will either have to not fear being transparent or stop evolving. That she is not going to be damned for studying and exploring all that has been written or given. She assured me to just know myself, that people will be people.

When a person said to her while we were being interviewed that she is a controversial person, she said if it makes people think, she is happy.

I guess to many who like to feed on all the lies and untruths, it is weird to have a person like this in our world. But do not worry, she will forgive you, she is just that generous. Forgive me Grandmother, I just could not read anymore of the garbage and not speak up. I love you, I want the world to know you taught me to love myself and allow myself to love others.

Paige Martin.