I am a Tree lover!!! I love Trees! So as the season of Christmas comes, I think of how many get cut and brought in and die for the Holiday of Christmas. So I go, when about shopping, to the acres set up for selling the cut trees. I find a private spot and speak to the life energy collected there. Then I move about discreetly giving them the Corn Pollen Blessing Way.

Recently while doing this, a person followed me to a store where I was getting supplies and where they were selling little pines in pots. A boy, about 11 years old, came up to me as we were leaving and said he wanted me to have the tree he gave me cause he saw me blessing all the cut trees. He said he loved Trees too and wanted to say thank you for them cause he felt them respond to my blessing!!

He followed me with his Mom!! He asked many questions. I shared that Trees are our closest relation in Nature as is water; we exchange breath of life, they release what we call Oxygen and we breath it in and they take in what we exhale. A life giving relationship.

I celebrate all our young people and their sensitivity to life, all life!! There are so many looking for support in what they have and know. So here is my little Christmas Tree that sits waiting for the gifts and fun that will come now that it has arrived!!

So may all be blessed with the love and give away of the Tree People and consider they represent to us Everlasting life.

My little tree dressed for Christmas Eve celebration of life and love!!

~ Pa’Ris’Ha