Let’s say you think a thought, such as: my boss is unfair, which turns on a neurological network. Then you have another thought: I’m underpaid, and you turn on a second neurological network. Then you think: I’m overworked, and now you’re off to the races. Because mind is the brain in action, if you keep thinking limiting thoughts and you activate enough networks of neurons firing in tandem, you produce a level of mind, which then creates an internal representation of yourself in your brain’s frontal lobe.
That’s where you can make your internal thoughts more real than your outer environment. In this case you see yourself as an angry person. If you accept, believe, and surrender to that idea, that concept, or that image without any analysis, the neurotransmitters – chemical messengers that send information between neurons in your brain that produce that level of mind – begin to influence neuropeptides, which are chemical messengers created by the autonomic nervous system within the limbic brain. Those neuropeptides signal hormonal centers, in this case turning on the adrenal glands in the third center. As the adrenal glands release their hormones, you’re feeling pretty ticked off. And you broadcast a specific energy signature through the third energy center that in effect carries the message, “Send me another reason to feel the way I’m already feeling – send me another reason to feel angry.”
Your brain monitors your chemical state, and the moment you feel angry, it’s going to think more corresponding thoughts equal to how you feel. The thinking and feeling loop can go on for decades and repeatedly conditions the body emotionally to the past.

The Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind meditation is a great tool to begin breaking that loop