Parisha Taylor teaches us that “in the circle there are no sides or corners to hide in:
All is transparent it is the Creator’s sign. We are called now to awaken the sleeper. To move from the shadow and come to the Sun and allow no one to walk between us and the Fire/Sun Light. We are birthing an era of a present and new Sunrise, where the Real Life bathes us with the Sunlight that draws the Universal drape back and begins the only dance there is. Life is a cycle, a cycle is a circle and in a circle everything returns to where it began. So we have come full circle and stand on sacred ground. What will be different, where will the past and future emerge, how will it be this time? Beginning and ending, we are the Ancient Future, The Keepers of Wisdom. Every cell and atom of our being is the accumulated experiences of all life before this moment. Are you committed to the journey? Have you cleared your mind from victim to victor? Life is an adventure, and if you try living it as less, you have not risked anything, you have already lost!”