On September 10, 2021 at 12 noon MDT we are hosting the Ekam World Peace festival launch to promote peace consciousness in our region. This event is a platform to connect, nurture and nourish the spirit of peace that we all share as human beings. We invite you to join us online as an individual peacemaker or attend with your organization that concerns itself with a better planet!

The chief guest Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha will share inspiring messages about how each of us can contribute to world peace through this festival and beyond.  “Birthing a New Earth: coming out of Chaos and Fire.” (see Bio)

If peace becomes a state of consciousness in people, it can be implemented as policy within any system. Peace, the absence of division and awareness of our human oneness, should become prevalent in people’s mindsets if they are seeking peace for themselves or others around them. 

All individuals who wish to become ambassadors for global unity can connect online and experience peace meditation to celebrate life itself because there’s nothing greater than love and peace.

Peace Festival Pre-Launch – Sept 10, 2021 12 noon  Mountain Daylight Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting id: 720 849 4485

Passcode: 123

Peace Festival:

Awakening to Peace in Consciousness – A Living Reality

September 17, 18, 19, IST
Live From Ekam Kshetra


Day 1 – 17th Sept. – Peace for Healing Economic Unrest
Day 2 – 18th Sept. – Peace for Healing Division
Day 3 – 19th Sept. – Peace for Healing the Planet

The daily Livestream happens for 55 mins from 6:30AM MST on 17th – 19th September 2021. You could leave your details and we will send you reminder emails/messages with the link to participate in the live stream. Also, we will send you 10-20 minute meditations and wisdom lessons that will prepare you to receive the most blessings from Ekam during the Peace Festival.

YouTube – PKConsciousness, #JustPeace

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha Bio:


She inspires love and has compassion and a passion for all humanity. She teaches others to be able to communicate with the nature, and the universe. She can be childlike and humorous, as well as a “velvet hammer”. She loves sharing the wisdom of her Cherokee heritage in delightful stories. 

Pa’Ris’Ha has both European and Native American heritages. She is a business consultant and Mentor, and a perennial student of Earth Sciences and Cosmology. She is also a Spiritual Archeologist, global traveler, and an ambassador for peace and advocate of human rights. She gives credit to her Native Elders and Global Mentors, as well as teaches in wonderful stories that recall her life experiences. At 80 years old, she still does seasonal sun ceremonies and carries a full schedule of services as she did when she was 30! When asked to introduce herself, she replies, “This one called Pa’Ris’Ha by The Principal People is a wife, mother, grandmother and an incurable people watcher. I am a child of God, loving, serving, living and learning in this world.

She has been acknowledged as Reincarnation of Buddha TARA by her Tibetan Meditation Master KALU Rinpoche and Tibetan Bhutan Rinpoche T’Sering Wangdi.