Statement from Pa’Ris’Ha’s Brother

 Statement from Pa’Ris’Ha’s Brother, Robert Cornelison 

 “I am Robert Cornelison, full blood brother of PaRisHa [Pa’Ris’Ha] Taylor, also known as Patty Taylor. Our Mother and Grandmother told us we were of Eastern Cherokee Indians. Our Mother’s Mother, (our Grandmother) was Cherokee. She was known as a spiritual woman and helped with sicknesses when there was need. She favored my sister Patty and spent time teaching and passing her knowledge and healing remedies on to her.

I am aware my Mother’s brother, Robert Riley, denied his Mother. Our Grandmother was of Cherokee blood, as was explained by our Mother as we grew up. He was unhappy about that and a number of other things in their lives. There seemed to be bad blood between them. So he moved, and was antagonistic to many family members, our mother being one such family member, which he tried to resolve later in life, only to resurrect some unhappy matters before he died of brain cancer. At the time, a “Pain (sic) Dealer” reporter said he had an interview with Robert Riley that denied and called my sister Patty, a liar regarding our Grandmother, and her own heritage as Cherokee. We do not accept this due to the fact he was unable to speak coherently, and no one could understand his ramblings.

He died within days of such stated interview.

If there could be any possibility he spoke of things as stated he said in that article, it is untrue regardless, and we as members of this family do support our sister’s claims of Cherokee blood and our Grandmother raising her to the healing ways of natural medicine and natural remedies for sickness. She treated many sick people and us as children.

We are Cherokee on our Mother’s side, and our Mother said she was told our Father was Blackfoot, Jewish, and Italian heritage.”