Statement from Pa’Ris’Ha’s Husband

 Statement from Pa’Ris’Ha’s Husband, Anthony Taylor 

 My wife, Pa’Ris’Ha, of 33 years, is of Cherokee blood and shares the sacred ways of life and the Natural Path with people all over the world.

“I can say all her family is of the same mind that they are Eastern Band Cherokee heritage. Some look more native in coloring than others. My wife has a fair complexion and red hair, which is now turning to silver. There is no doubt of her being Cherokee, but she is so much more than that as well. She stands as a humanitarian and a holy woman. She has raised our children with these principles of respect and care, and has never harmed any living thing.

I cannot believe anyone would put stock into any thing a person was saying that is so obviously based on prejudiced and angry claims. The person who died in her organization was a dear friend and had been sick for a long time with anemia and her death was tragic and we all grieved for her. There were never any charges or investigations accusing my wife of any responsibility to her death. There were many people present and they were on a public beach at the time in broad daylight. Everyone was interviewed; no one accused my wife of any harm or part of her death. Joanne was removed and taken to a hospital after showing faintness and losing consciousness, and died there days later.

My wife has been told she is the reincarnation of The Buddha TARA by Rinpoche Kalu before he died and presently by Rinpoche T’sering of Bhutan. How does one prove all this? In my opinion, by the values they show and how they live and care for all. And in regards to that, she wins hands down.

I have watched many times over these 33 years angry Natives and non-believers try to discredit her, because her love and pure spirit are not easy to accept in a world like the one live in. She never gets angry or feels malice for them. I have been with her almost every moment in these years and can say she is the real thing. As her spouse I would know if she did not walk her talk. I have tested her beliefs and her teachings. I have found my faith in this life by watching and living with this woman; God looks over her, I am sure.

I hope this helps you and disarms anyone who tries to stop her from teaching and sharing all the wisdom she has and the love that emanates from her always.”