Statement from Pa’Ris’Ha’s Sister

 Statement from Pa’Ris’Ha’s Sister, June Malise 

 To Whom it may concern:

“I, June Malise, state that I support my sister’s [Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor, also known as Patty Taylor] statement that we were told by our Mother, and her Mother (our Grandmother), that we had Eastern Cherokee Indian in us. My sister Patty had a very close relationship with our Grandmother and she was taught and learned from her. Our Grandmother helped sick people and was a very spiritual woman.

I have no understanding why Robert Riley would say the things printed in the Plain Dealer article, saying my sister and Mother were liars and that his Mother had no Indian in her, and that she was a cleaning woman. I am sure he knew better than that. There seemed to be a deep dispute between him and the rest of the family and maybe that was still his anger at the time. He had brain cancer and could not speak clearly enough to be understood by close family, so no one understands how the reporter who said he spoke to him could have possibly made such claims. He died within days of such claimed interview. His wife Madge, who was with him when a call from a reporter came in, said he was very agitated and that he made no such statement and could not have due to his severe state of brain damage with cancer.”