Sunrise is always so exciting and clarifying for me. As the colors in the horizon increases there is a lifting feeling that stirs in my middle like being in a fast elevator!! I am usually sitting in waiting of it and as Nunda (Sun) comes into visibility I am propelled to stand!!! And as I lift my arms and the Sunlight washes over me I am reborn again to a new day of possibilities, and therefore a new life!!

I am happy that I have raised my children in the influence of my Cherokee family, and to pass this a their inheritance and the gift that it is.

Today more than other times it helps me to let go of things that are not mine to do. To forgive and trust in the Giver of life. To not try to understand or be able to define things in my familiar terms, and to face that is to see that it’s really control. And fear is the base of needing to have control of people. Totally different than leadership and putting in order and taking charge of a situation!! So perfect I am not, I do know I