Carl Sagan once spoke about how the moon may have led to humans’ desire to leave Earth and explore the universe, because other bodies, like the stars and planets, are so far away they aren’t immediately visible. The Moon is a beacon to come closer and see what you can reach to and find a history beyond beliefs.

All life, being it is energy, is affected by the Moon. All creatures react to its cycles as do Humans; the Planet herself interacts with its vibrational fields. So in today’s science and discovery, I find it hard to believe there are STILL those who feel the Moon and as well as all the Universe and its energy has NO effects on everything else! That connection has been proven!! It’s like saying that because our bodies’ auto system is not a physical awareness on an ongoing basis, it has nothing to do with our being a living field of energy and bodily function!

News tells us this “Super Moon” is usual and doesn’t matter in the bigger picture, brings compassion up in my heart. It will affect the tides more than usual but that’s it. Yes that is just it, and since you and I as Human whose body is 70% or better fluids will also have a greater effect.

The headliners – and I am grateful that CNN, USA Today, and others have made sure we understand and know that the moon itself is the same size it’s been for ages, we understand that the point today is how close it’ll be when it’s full. Many of us know the moon’s orbit around our planet is elliptical; its precise distance varies, depending on where it is in the orbit. This time around, the moon enters its full phase at 7:32 a.m. ET Sunday, only about a half-hour after it passes the point in its orbit nearest to Earth, which is known as perigee. They inform us this full moon will look about 14 percent wider and 30 percent brighter than it does at the farthest point in its orbit. And I do know many are hearing this for the first time.

This 2013 June’s full moon which we can start seeing Saturday night, and peaks early Sunday morning, and still viewed Sunday night has extended meaning and value to my Indigenous Families as do many Peoples. All who are in flow and close to Nature know there is significance to all cyclic patterns and flow.

The fact that this full moon takes place so soon after Friday’s summer solstice adds more importance as well. This is the lowest-down full moon of 2013, and lower moons tend to be warmer hues of color. This June Moon’s color is due to shining through more than twice as much reddening air and moisture.
We will have three low moons this year, this one being stronger in frequency and effect. The first one took place on May 25 (my son’s birthday and another that’s due on July 22. The 21st century’s biggest super-moon will be visible on Dec. 6, 2052.

My Japanese friends have traditional moon-viewing parties, and my Farming friends find the Moon very instrumental in the planting and growth of crops. So it’s good to know more than us will be looking up tonight, you may even see the International Space Station passing overhead.

We will also be acknowledging moon walker Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11’s who is with us in Spirit.

So for me and many friends, we will be having a Sky Watch evening, there will be great joy and care shared. We will do our usual Moon Cycle Ceremonies, and we will do renewals and postulates as we use the cycles for our time base of Earthly matters. We will do music, chanting and dance of the traditions we are, and experience the energy fields around us and sync with Nature and all its wonder!! May you all know the greatness of who you are and your origins. Hold to the inner- connectedness of all, and know we are One.

(Check out on internet Japan’s Moon celebrations. Tsukimi (月見?) or Otsukimi,)