How do we we see ourselves? Creation or Creator?

Thoughts after spending time with Parisha

Our self esteem depends on what?

What do we see ourselves as?

By what measurement do we evaluate our worth?

By what do we consider ourselves validated or worthy?

Is it by how close we come to societal norms and expectation?

Is it some person or lifestyle we have set as an ideal that we measure ourselves against?

Is it the acceptance by a person or being loved by a person?

What is the base of how we see ourselves?

Maybe we should start by looking at what and who we really are.

We, as I understand it, are both the Creator and The Creation.

We through thought and intent create and manifest.

There is a field of potential that manifests our intent and thoughts as we move them.

From the “Void” or the “Field of potential” our thoughts create “The Ten Thousand Things”

(The phrase “the ten-thousand things” is Taoism’s way of saying “everything that exists.” The ten thousand things are expressions of the various ways that the five elements can combine.)

We are both a body and the creator of all manifest things.

When we relate to the world from the perspective of being the Creator rather than the perspective of the body, we allow ourselves that greatness, and thus we define ourselves.

Since, what is, is created and manipulated by thought, our beliefs (sets of thoughts we accept as reality),or the perspective from which we relate to the world, directly affects the range of influence we have in our lives and the universe.

If in our thoughts we see ourselves as a limited body, so do we relate from that place, if on the other hand we see ourselves as that which has created all things, so also do we relate from that place. We live in the paradox of being both.

I know that when I approach things in life that seem difficult, when I change my perspective from limited to unlimited, things always go easier. The perception of “difficult” itself is usually created from a lack of perspective in the first place.
When you approach life from the position of Creator, you remove all excuses for things not being as you wish, and take responsibility for things being as they are.

Living from the perspective of being Creator, you cant really complain about things being the way they are, since you are responsible, the buck stops with you.