To Live Fully in Joy

 To Live Fully in Joy 

 Creator’s love for Man is not easily described. To live fully in Joy, is Creator’s plan for us.

I recall days in the meadows and gardens when the buzz of the bees and flying Ones hummed through visits to the flowers and trees. Evenings of a chorus of Feathered and Winged Ones settling in for the night. Then Silence pervades…only to be invaded by the throaty voices of the tree frogs and marsh people’s songs. The rising and ebbing credenzas of the crickets and frogs, with a distant Hoot from Grandfather Owl, all orchestrating the Night Songs of my youth.

Nature gives us this connection, and intimacy with ourselves and Creator. This knowledge is common to Cherokees. We know every animal, and Being knows the main purpose of life is to enjoy and live fully all of the time of life we are given.

So feelings are important to us and how we live our days. The first thing we consider is how we feel…but feelings are constantly changing. So we soon learn to awaken each day with meaningful matters, like Sunrises and singing of the glory of a new day. Our emotional state is ours to manage, and to be with like minded community is the connection we have to each other in this emotional matrix called life.

So communicating and expressing creatively is how we hold that joy in life. We talk to all of nature and it talks back to us! The Earth speaks to us; we lie down and embrace her grasses and soil. Her smell when the rain comes is intoxicating! Rain, Sun, Forest, relations, all are a part of us. Heavens reflect us and all of creation is us. How do we not know joy!

The relating to your Being in the sense of being energy begins to bring you to realization and evolution in what is real about this world and life. Energy does not die or cease to be, it just shifts and changes, at what time, or place in Space, Time and Matter have we been the All That Is….we are the Bees, birds and creatures of the lands! As well as the stars and Universe, we live simply in the process of recognizing ourselves in all of life.

So Beloveds know what I am really saying, when I say, I am with you always, I am the wind kissing your face, playing in your hair, brushing tears from your cheeks. I am the stars winking and calling you to look up. I am the song of the bird there in the tree…listen to me! I am saying we are One, I live in you and you in me! Let this life be all that it can be, Joy.

So is my message of this day…….cee-o!

© 2008 Pa’Ris’Ha