What’s Going On In San Diego?


The vastness of the oceans helps me fathom the vastness of who I AM THAT I AM.

I sit here on the pacific shores of San Diego feeling how grateful I am that I am loved and I celebrate that love in everyone I see and meet. Relating has always been that simple for me. I love people!!! That love seeps into everything. I find myself talking to other living things: birds, animals, and even insects, stones, plants, and things of beauty! There is a wicker chair here that is unique, and I catch myself addressing it and feeling it exchange with me!! I said when I first saw it, “Now aren’t you about the prettiest chair here!!” I felt it blush!!!

Crow has found me and talks non-stop!! Some other feather beings come in great numbers as well!!

The relationship I have with all things here in Ela (Earth) is more than entertaining; it is deeply rewarding and nurturing.

My little dog, Bella, shares this with me and enjoys it as much as I! I see how it influences everyone around me and watch how they speak to animate and inanimate things!! Playful and real it is.

When we truly get it, that ALL is energy and constructed of electrons and atoms, as energy, everything exchanges and is inner-active!! So all is real and accepting that I am of divine origins as a child of God, there is responsibility (respond with the ability) in knowing that, and living and being as God Is!!! The thinking of the Oneness we are moves to every cell and atom of my Mind, Body and Spirit of me!

I exist solely that God exists and there is no way to be here if not by God’s creation!! To have it validated in every human having a different fingerprint…!! Individual and chosen to be here in manifest embodiment of the word/command of purpose!!

I am in constant dialogue with God, a never-ending conversation that is so powerful, it consumes me!!

Once a minister asked me if I prayed and my Grandmother said, “I do not think she sees it that way, but she is in a perpetual, on-going conversation with God to the point it has become a preoccupation with her.” That sums it up for me. I walk and talk and have my being, only in the presence of God. The more I study and seek reinforces the reality of what we are as Human and children of God.

We are not the body; we are energy, ever-lasting and non-stop!

So my mission here, at the shores of the Pacific, is to be in service and fulfillment of God’s command. Here as energy, I will be inner-active with the elements of our Planet and her Field of energy, that is in the Universal space that my body volume occupies in space; that space being not empty, but of massive information! Here the Elementals speak of atmospheric changes that will escalate and effect all life as we now know it. From here in the Gateway of the Kachina Pathway to the peaks referred to as the San Francisco Peaks of Flagstaff AZ.

Tonight will complete the ceremonies of returning and energizing cyclic pathways for Spirit Keepers. Tomorrow I will meet with a circle of over 80 people who are coming to learn more information to excel in life!! Sara and Dan Ramsey do great work in their church regarding wealth principals and global consciousness. I am grateful to be invited to teach and share the wisdom gathered over my seventy-three years of adventure called life.

So those of you holding the Kingman Altars, thank you and it is great to be in moist air and humidity!! Green everywhere!!!

All good things……