Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha began a vigil of Fire Altars for Humanity’s evolution to higher consciousness and harmony of all life at Great Pine/Winter Solstice; and began a fast of one raw meal a day for ten days; then another Elder will do the same for ten days, and it will continue for a full cycle of Solstice of 2014. The Earth Keepers’ Elders are holding the Fire ceremonies and Altars of the Ancients and this is a multicultural sacred hoop tradition.

They invite all who feel in their hearts this calls to them to do this for ten days as well. If you cannot hold the daily care of the Altar then do 8-24 hour candles on an Altar to add to the energy that is created by such intent. Grandmother will carry her coals by vessel to Hopi and Taos, to start Fires. Most villages will have support to hold it on site all year.