Now is the Springtime  and new life is “busting out all over.”  The feel of the Earth under bare feet while planting a garden awakens a sense of  Timelessness.  Many of my Ancestors surely did just as I am doing. Thanks to their potatoes and onions,  I live. Thanks to all their efforts, all their experiences, all their follies, all their gifts ….I am here today. Further, perhaps our lineages are  traceable beyond the earth to   a more ethereal existence, and our Ancient forebears gifted us with Wisdoms that transcend Earthy experiences.

The importance and impact of our lineages is not to be underestimated.  As Parisha Taylor  has said: “The seeds of the Ancients are in our DNA and have subconscious outcome in our thinking and are visible in our life. We can have awareness of this in many ways. Original spiritual wisdom is timeless and will come to be the answers to our very survival in this time.”