Wind Whispers

 Wind Whispers 

June is Green Corn Month…”Da-tsa-lu-nee” Also Rose Moon time. A time of renewal of relationship commitment. The full moon of “Datsalunee” is red and has a special significant to us Cherokee People. When the red face of the Grandfather Moon shows itself  blushing, its time to be accountable and stand pure. A birthing time and time to speak the important things and matters to you.

All season we have such passages. They carry us forward, day by day, and help us to observe if we are real or not.

There is one speaking in our minds that feeds us false impressions like a gentle trap that tells us we are doing right-because it feels right. Feelings are so easily manipulated they can’t be trusted as a measure in anything. We stay with bad habits and broken ways of thinking from past beliefs and experiences because it is familiar and feels right. We have become accustomed to them.

This destructive habit comforts our feelings and the familiar touch makes us believe we can’t give it up. But it is the path that winds back through the same experiences-almost like being lost in a maze. We think we are on the right road out, until we find our own footprints going around behind us in a circle. Whether it is a habit or a person, or a situation we are trying to escape, we have to know our feelings cannot be trusted. They keep us knocking on a door that seems like home but is simply the same stopping-off, “na ha i”, familiar place. Beware of feelings that deceive and drag you back into the swamp of your own demise.

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. tells us in his work and book Matter into Feeling, that feelings are false evidence appearing real. Feelings are made up of so many influences and none of them single and clear that we need to know that we must learn how our very nature moves and has its BEING, to understand even the origins of our feelings. Your past, and all your accumulated Ancestral genes are influencing your feelings. Your being constantly scripted and cast as a reflection of emotional traumas in all past lives, with every breath.

So then we may ask, how do we know then when it is pure and safe and right? Ahhh…….that’s the clue, when do we “know”!  We can trust it if it is clear and not emotional. Clear in as much as it is well thought out and has no hooks on the end of it. We can trust it when no ones name is spoken as the fault, or no circumstances are given as justification. When no denial tactics are involved we are closer to right-relationship.

We do not resonate to what is good for us in 99% of our emotional or feeling choices. And the 1% is by mishap not determination if it is good for us!!!

People are not in clear mind Beloveds. The programmed feelings over ride logic and intelligence and we lie in victimization and slaves to our emotional feelings. Only when we are surly convinced we need change will it change. To embrace real change we will be forced to resolve separatism and seek the Oneness in Unity. And this is not what we can do alone or by our self. We humans are not of obedience by choice! Religious scripture shows conflict and wars to prove the cast and scripts are very deep in our chemistry. But in obedience is our salvation. A trusted selfless source is suggested as one to assist you to freedom and liberated consciousness.

Our People the Cherokee, as many other Peoples of Tradition have pathways and ceremony to help us stay clear and keep connected to the way of peace and harmony. All our sacred objects are our books of history and reminders of what it takes. We observe our feelings regarding our choices. We know when we are being blind-sighted. When you are not in the state of peace you will resist the change that can bring you there. You will speak of it not feeling right. How does it know right to compare it to?

The very nature of feelings supports our levels of insanity. Good or bad feelings are not to be trusted. All is supporting additions of abuse and limitations. The Body/Altar is chemically fed and is as strong as any heroin additions. And drug addicts are capable of killing family and innocent people to get the fix they need. Never “feeling” it is wrong or in considerations of other choices!

You have profound awareness and know you are clear when it is real and constructive. The sense of approval and even admiration for the act or deed is when we can know we are in sync. There is relief when it is real. Calm and faith happen in these times. You know trust and you know when you can trust it, down deep we all resonate to it, if we do not get caught in the battle of doubt and feeling.

Our Old Ones would come for us in these moments and just seeing them we knew, we accepted their wisdom and in it all prevails to peace. When they spoke it was there and their words went to unspoken places and light filled us. Hope, knowing and comfort is present in these times. When we are there it is just where we need to be. If there is struggle in powerful emotions then it is even more profound when we get clear of them. This is our way of knowing and how we as Traditional People live in this world as liberated Beings.

The challenge is to capture these times more often than not and live in beauty. So Beloveds take heart in your challenges of feelings and doubt, you are learning. There are always the wise ones to hold the veil back for you to find your way out. Think, understand the thinking and the very nature of this form of matter you wear. This is the purpose and rhyme of it all.

Balance means living “du yu go dv” (straight, truth). It is when seeing what we believe and what we talk about dictates what we get out of life, that we know our self in du yu go dv / truth.

Our world is quite a wonder filled journey and we have been in full agreement before time to come here and have the veil cast that we will not enter as knowing fully what it is all about. We would not stay and would not play the roles if that was the case. So we are in the hands of the Trickster/God. So take heart the challenge is on and to come to victory you will learn how it goes. And your feeling is the illusion and deception that you trap your self with. Hold fast to the wisdom of the First People, they left pathways for us. When you know, it becomes beauty and there is peace.

Grandmother Effie said to the visiting Minister …..

“Your Holy books say, do not wrong your neighbor, and care for all as you care for yourself. You teach us these are the commandments of your God. You ask me to follow them and obey them. I listen and I care what you believe, you are Human, my brother. I respect your worship and honor your right to your ways. I am an ignorant savage you say. I say thank you and all I understand is that I must walk my talk. Words cannot explain what I believe, I can only live it. You say I am Godless and you have come to save me and you preach to me of what is and is not of your God. I hope to meet your God one day, I will know him by how he walks his talk. Maybe we will find him together. “

© 2007 Pa’Ris’Ha