I have celebrated the cycles of the Moon as the natural measure of days all my life. The moon takes 27.3 days to orbit the Earth and that comes to 13 months in a year, not 12.

Native/original people associate personality and physical reality to moon names to track the passing of the year. The January full moon is referred to as Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Hunger Moon, which the Farmer’s Almanac attributes to the notion that hungry wolves would howl on the outskirts of Villages due to the scarcity of food.

My Cherokee Grandmother said this was a time the Wolves travel and get set up for the new season. Maturing and birthing was part of the more vocal time of howling. My People observed the Wolf closely and saw them as Teachers. Our teaching lodge, likened to a university, was referred to as Wolf Lodge.

We use Nature and Earth’s inhabitants to define meanings and communicate matters of life.
Our Elders observed the Sky and the season’s time effects on Humans and all life. We understood a not-visible presence in it all that we refer to as Spirit. And it all was of Great-Ani Spirit. So there is significance to everything.

The Wolf Moon is a learning time for organizing and improving our ways if needed. A time of evolving. A reflective time for planning and putting matters of change in our lives. A seeking and dreaming time, where one included inward journeys and dreams to answer deep questions. Due to weather in some places, the Bear was known and their way of survival was observed as well with the Wolves.

My family lived with Wolves and normally there were 2-5 sharing shelter and food source with us. They were remnants of Packs that traveled around us. I had a newborn for many years as a girl that my Grandmother saved from dying, and it stayed with me as children today have Dogs. They are great protectors and we became their pack!

So take this time and allow the natural order of life to flow with you, those close to nature live with God’s presence in all creation, and have a knowing of Oneness.