Woman is Mother and Like No Other

 Woman is Mother and Like No Other 

I want to share this with the many people who have not had the best of relations with their parents and especially the Mothers. You can heal that inside your own woman. Read and absorbed these words and make them yours. We can always change time and we can make our reality our own.

To come into the Earth as Woman is a calling to replenish the Earth and be her vessel of unconditional Love, to nurture and be steadfast in faith.   Throughout the storms of life, to be constant in trust that The One is present and all is as it is needed to be.  As a woman moves to maturity, all she can hope for is see that her works are good.   Then a Mother can rest.

When she goes on to her New Adventure, she leaves in her Children her legacy.  Her values are known.   As she lived, she demonstrated what they were.

Mother is like a well that always offers water to the thirsty traveler, never preventing any of her Children their Rights Of Passage.   Accepting with an inner strength that she has been entrusted with Creator’s Gift, a child.  Allowing and open-hearted to all that life brings to her feet in the acts of her Children, a Mother celebrates her own passage, asking for the same on her arrival to her new Life.

For us here in Ela, (Earth Mother), she now is not limited to a single place, or held at any distance.   She is the Winds that caress us, she becomes the Sweet Grasses of the Mountain and Meadows, she is as vast as the Great Oceans and as clear as the fresh water springs.  Look for her in the Sun Rises and Sun Sets.   Listen to her in the laughter of the Children and hear her again in the cry of the newly born.  She and her love is forever.   She is Free from shadow and the veil of illusion.  She knows no pain and suffers not.  She now greets you as the songs of the birds and she whispers her newly found Wisdom on the clouds.

She will gift you over and over again as the new faces of the flowers come each spring.  She will offer you a fullness that comes in Summer Breezes, and she will remind you of what is important in the Fall.   She will draw you into her deep places in the Winter and show you what she has discovered in her New Life.

The unknowing Ones will say she has gone away and will never be again.  They will say she is dead.   She is no more.  I say to you, Love never ends and Mother’s Love is as no others, and will be with you forever.   They will not see the Hawk as she flies to the Sun, and returns her to the Great Circle, and they will miss the moment when all stands still and Great Spirits speaks to the All That Is …. “She Lives On!”

© 1996 Pa’Ris’Ha