As we gather in collective consciousness our hearts become our drums and our dreams are the heart’s song. The Shaman deep within our Being speaks as an audible silence that our Spirit hears and understands and calls us to gather with the Seen and Unseen, a cellular collective of all Ancestors from all corners of our Mother Earth bringing in the powers of the many Paths to the Center of the Circle Of Life. We are each named, and are a formula as we come into life on our Mother. This naming is of a greater understanding of what our message is here. Each has the trusted voice of that message, as does the Eagle and Hawk.

We are called now to awaken the sleeper. To move from the shadow and come to the Sun and allow no one to walk between us and the Fire/Sun Light. We are birthing an era of a present and new Sunrise, where the Real Life bathes us with the Sunlight that draws the Universal drape back and begins the only dance there is. Life is a cycle, a cycle is a circle and in a circle everything returns to where it began. So we have come full circle and stand on sacred ground. What will be different, where will the past and future emerge, how will it be this time? Beginning and ending, we are the Ancient Future, The Keepers of Wisdom. Every cell and atom of our being is the accumulated experiences of all life before this moment. Are you committed to the journey? Have you cleared your mind from victim to victor? Life is an adventure, and if you try living it as less, you have not risked anything, you have already lost!

The Medicine Wheel is where we liberate ourselves from the field of duality, facing our opposites, learning the balance, understanding that only through conflict is there peace. If there was not conflict between the Sun and Earth’s pull of gravity we would not have Sunshine, and what we call Sun-shine is created by Earth’s friction/conflict and comes from Her. There is no Sunshine outside the field of gravity.

The Solar Winds bathe our Solar System–Earth’s Nation, with the message of Changes to come. Our Natural clocks of the Cosmos are “timing” the precise moments of revelation and renewal The Prophets have recorded to make sure we made the “Windows” that are shifting and propelling us into the quickening. The Sacred doorways are opening to the many now. We are of the Stars’ seeds, our heritage guarantees us the passage.

Our history is within our Story Telling and what is called Myth is our real beginning. The chants and songs are our keys that open these gateways, our dances are the geometry that is recognized and trusted. They were given by the Ancients and are instructions that resonate within our Body/Altar to communicate that we still hold the knowledge and the Wisdom is still pure. The Sacred Hoop is not broken and Earth’s Children are on time!

Our nights and days are filled with the adventure, and we each are called to show the courage of our faith as the many Beings of the Worlds visit us and come to teach and learn. To have the strength to hold to the course and not lose sight in the many storms of changes, our Old Ones have said, “There are no hard times, there are only times when there is dust in our eyes.” Sometimes we just cannot see the way clearly, but we must learn to see with our ears and hear with our eyes.

We hear within our hearts the steady pulse of the drums and the magic of the rattles. The curtain is drawn back, and the stage is set, and we begin the Shaman’s Dance. We become the sound and the energy as we enter the domain of Light and Spirit. We have entered into fifth dimension reality. Here the Wisdom takes the distance as our authentic Being emerges. We are now a particle of the majestic Creator, all empowered and choosing to become the difference and make it happen. We are the Co-creators. We are filled with joy and love and compassion for all Being/Life.

In our time, and by us the humans, will our world be made whole, and the balance must be made by us. The very words “Alien” and “visitors” could be a clue that they are not the source of the power. You are! It is up to us. We have the power to do what it will take.

The time of great occasions and gatherings, celebrations of time’s unfoldment, and repletion of our cyclic patterns have taught us well. Native American Cherokees celebrate New Fire in the Moon of the Winds, the month you call March. Mayan Avatar Pakal Votan, who taught the People cosmic wisdom in the Temples of Palenque, Mexico is a historic event in March. The Pocos of the Andes have a prophecy that speaks of the end of this period of shadow, and promises a new era, which is happening in this day and life we are in, “Pachacuti.” that will be heralded by changes in the mountain landscape. Many Cultures have a take on what is happening and they are all based on truth, maybe different perspectives and stories, but facts and truths.

What we really fear is not that we are not able or inadequate, but that we have the power. We feel the power. It is the Light and its power we cast that renders us frozen. We do not trust our worthiness to do the service or the work. Religions have taught that there is only “The Chosen,” that there is only the one Son, or the one real Messenger. So what does that make the rest of us? Well, we are told we are Children of God . . . hummm . . . Kittens grow up to be Cats, puppies grow up to be Dogs, Crows know they are Crows,children of God grow up to be what? Gods? Yes, Gods. Even scriptures speak of God as plural!

So that feels wrong? Downplay it if you must, but that is not being responsible. RE-SPONSE-ABILITY, means responding with the ability! Being less does not serve the world. Being enlightened means what? Make sure you do not ruffle anyone’s feathers, play safe, and speak with less authority so you won’t make anyone feel insecure. Who feels insecure in Gods presence? The righteous? The faithful? So who is it we do not want to make to feel insecure, threatened or offended?

We are created in the likeness of . . . we are? Children of God grow up and shine, and that light is the Sun, the life-giving force and source. It is not in the few, it is all of us. We are all chosen; if not how did you get here, and by whose choice and will? We are God manifest and we are the glory, we are the love, and the almighty emanates from us! Where is God not?

We seek that which we were at birth! We seek love from others, but how can that be? We are created of love: love flows from us, it is the light. We do not need, it is what we are. Human is child of Creator, like no others, given all, and reigns over all the kingdoms. The Angels serve only, Human co-creates!

We are the Keepers, we are the Ones, we are waiting on ourselves? Then be as we are liberated from the fear, your very presence will affect and liberate all others! The Earth is our garden and we grow here within her. She is sacred and stands out in all her beauty in this Universe. No other is like her. I am Woman, Ela’s (Earth’s) Daughter, Mother of Man, Keeper of Wisdom and Liberation.

As I travel and meet people from all walks of life I find commonalities with them all. Today, now, is when we must become truly discerning and intelligent, Friends and Family, if we are going to make it as a planet and a species. Pure intelligence is of both the heart and mind. Being spiritually active you must have both. Today we must be responsible and not just accept and stupidly support political and spiritual leaders who take advantage of the mental numbness that is the state most are in.

Our Spiritual communities must acquire personal empowerment, which means to have the power needed to be part of the changes and have effect in this world. Emotional balance is part of that empowerment. Our emotional body is what sets us apart from all the other creations. Emotions are where truth is discerned and it is through the perceptual levels of our emotional functions that we detect the real and pure essence of the Principles. This is our center of power.

The Heart is the true intelligence, and it energizes us physically and is the Center that controls our perception, emotions, actions and well Being. When we are empowered we are in alignment and this power flows through us. It is our sole connection to our Spirit. We now are moving in the new world, some say it is the fifth world others say the sixth. I believe it is the sixth world because Brain researchers today have found that we now have a sixth layer of cells on our brain. Our Old Ones told us this is the way to know what world we are in, just as the rings within the Tree reveals its age.

As we are propelled into transformation, we must master our thoughts and mind. We will need to push past our comfort levels and move to higher ground. Our passions and courage will push us past old fears and resistance. Chaos and confusion are part of it, and our focus is love and caring for all life. This is the path of the heart and only the heart can bring us deeper now. As we access this power we create an alignment that moves us into the new world and ethereal life. We are becoming ethereal beings. We are revealing our true nature now, we are in the Mystery. We are still new to it all and are hanging onto some of the old stuff and are being stubborn about letting go. We cannot be objective about the old cyclic stuff and the old weaknesses of “knowing better, but not doing it,” and allowing the feelings of failure then become our justifications to do nothing.

The heart says, “Do it now!” Resolve judgments and issues and do not allow them to take more precious time in your life. Saying “yes” to the universe and getting on with empowerment is seeing what must change and doing it. Life then becomes fun and the transformation is exciting and rewarding instead of heavy and sad.

We are the best-read generation ever, but we have applied none of the knowledge. We need not form new organizations and criticize present processes. It is simply the time to add our new world of opportunities and break through to our future, our Ancient Future. We need to synergize and integrate the aligning resource. Help the needs of the people. Resolve scarcity and its political hold. Integrate the roles in our world and allow home, work, church, schools, police and law keepers, merchants and businesses, human resources and agencies who help people and planetary relations, all to have the same focus and harmoniously achieve what the needs are and get them done.

The waves of energy frequencies that constantly wash over our Earth will continue to energize our presently called DNA, and the Scientists will continue to discover many more strands as we transcend into ethereal forms again.

These waves of frequencies will reveal the underlying codes of antiquity that shape human nature, and brings us face to face with global diversities that create evolutionary change. These waves of forces that spiral and churn as they attract and repel all of us form the webs and grids that connect Humans within groups, communities, and organizations. They propel the rise and fall of country and cultures.

We must exercise the intelligence we are and take the role we were created to do, and become the child of God that has grown up and knows it is all up to us. We must be the guardians we were sent to be, and live and have our Being as the accumulation of all creation, and the chosen, the Humans. Peace is up to us, we are the generation that must make the difference now. Let us synergize and align our focus to be all that we can be. Let us all understand the meaning… “If it is going to be, it begins with me….”

Beloveds, we are the I Am That I Am, the promise is the Sacred Hoop, the Circle is not broken, the Wisdom has been kept pure and unaltered as it was given to be given. And if today you have dust in your eyes and your faith is weak, walk in mine. I do not “believe” in God, I know God! Come call me on the Winds, I will be a breath on your cheek and through your hair. Send a voice through your heart, I will come as a great Bird. Think: I am walking through your Mind. Smile and I am the joy that bathes you. We are connected, you and I, we live within each other, we exist as memory, I am and always will be forever with you!

© 2003 Pa’Ris’Ha