Forgiveness and Setting Goals

 Forgiveness and Setting Goals 

Do a ceremony of forgiveness by first forgiving yourself, and then all who have trespassed against you. After clearing all this and giving it to the Source of all Life, move to seed the next 28 day cycle.

Goal setting began a long time ago! If you start out on a journey, it helps to know where you are going! So that arrival is a goal.

When we daily have a measure of effect we want in our lives, the mind assists that to become real. But first, we must clear any obstacles that impair our thinking, and then set up a plan. Always allowing for the adjustments that will be needed in as much as we can only see from we are in the moment. Those adjustments are not set-backs but a larger picture we have not seen yet.

First lets be strong enough to face our acts and deeds, a get reality check. Forgive what we are ready to release and move on. Then take control of what is ours to do and make a plan that will measure us ahead just by the fact we planned it that way. Let’s allow the Ancients to teach us the reality of being in touch with life in every moment and know we are a vital part of a bigger picture.

Have a wonder-filled day and allow there to be much to be thankful for in your day. Touch others lives today in a service that will reward you and them in a good and helpful way. Harm no one and let truth be your solid ground.

Create blessings in your life, live as God is!.

©  2005 Pa’Ris’Ha