What a time to be in the adventure called life!!

The June 15th, 2011, full moon eclipse was a once in a decade event. Again affects on our Earth Mother were noted by a huge quake. So much is talking to Humanity. We are in Liberation; freedom is imminent!! Illusion is not holding and suffering is released as we come to the greater understanding of being Cause.

So we arrived here in Clearwater, FL, on the cusp of the full moon and gathered with a group of beautiful Beings at our full moon program. During the sharing time, the Sky was clear so we had the full light of moon.

As we came to the completion, I went and did ceremony. As I set the offering out, flashes of Lightning came, and as I finished the chanting and set the Fire, strong Winds came, and as we finished with Fire, the Rain came in with Thunder and claps of Lightning!!!

We are connected and I am always in awe of how it all comes together when we do ceremony. Our adventure of this world is building in momentum and so is the Dance we do. The music and song, Beloveds, have been written and scored by your intent!

Now when you get chance – Dance!

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha