Message from Ancients and Our inner-self


Following is a brief example from a person asking questions and writing the answers that come in journaling.  The start is setting the location, consciously listening to the sounds and recording the sights.  This assists to get you into the present moment.   The writing is then followed by questions from the person and the answers that come to them.

Apricots light illuminates the underside of the clouds while rays of apricot and steel blue radiate in alternating bands up and out from the head land. Nunda’s (Sun) glowing warmth is coming.

Cool air carries the call of the birds. Currawong’s looping melody and the squawks of the Native Miner. More bird calls are coming in then out. Rainbow lorikeets, sulphur crested cockatoos and Magpie. Nunda tops the cliff golden magnificence emanating.

Message from the Rune – Self

Look inside in silence for the enemy of progress. Recognise the outer enemy as a reflection of what you have not, until now, been able all willing to recognise as coming from within.

Above all do not give yourself as. Breaking the momentum of past habits is the challenge here. In the life of Spirit You are always at the beginning.

Question to Observer/Spirit Which of the past habits shall I start breaking today?

The habit of big-noting yourself. You are divine and magnificence know this in your internal, in every cell, every breath, every smile.

Smile at self-the reflection, and inwards, often.

Who are you needing recognition from?

Of yourself you are seeking this.

To look for reflection from others is to look into a shaded well where there is nothing until you stick your own head over the water.

So put in place the practices of self love and self recognition.

Powerfully you know above all this means be your word.

So let from your mouth that with which you will do.

Look to watch you run from, what do you feel time with in avoidance of other areas. For that is where you must look to the habit to be broken.

Yes relationship with self and thus relationship with others.