Hello Beloveds, so many things happening!! All good things! Some very exciting changes and growth matters and Humanity evolving very swiftly! Awesome, it is all awesome.

This brings me to some matters that are facing a great number of us at this time. Many each day send me requests for assistance during loss or threat of loss of loved ones. So many are experiencing this and so little time in my day to reach back and to comfort where I can. So a dear Assistant that works with me said to share a recent communication that really is one that speaks to all. So with permission here it is! GMP

Over the past weeks a close loved one to Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha was dealing with the illness of her ex-husband. Who due to children and family had remained in her life’s flow. He became stricken with a disorder we will not go into with more details. She asked Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha to assist them. What we will share is the dialog between the Women and Grandmother.

ML: Grandmother the biopsy came back. No good, have to redo. Tomorrow AM will keep you posted.

GMP:  Yes I understand. Nuwati (Term for healing ways) showing that the options to change are still there if he wants to consider over coming this! I see he is still fixed on leaving the body and going on to Spirit. We must accept his will. So just keeping the option open for him, it can be reversed if he so chooses. He has much time still showing in his life wheel.

ML: They have decided that there is no healing only quality of life while body dies. Doctor said they cannot give definite diagnoses without biopsy and he is too weak to take one.

GMP: That is Nuwati Altars holding M.E.S.T. (Matter, Energy, Space, Time) so he has time to decide. This is common for all who lose touch with present time and possibilities of joy and fulfillment. We will just hold the field and give him space to determine. You need hold to all good things as well. We are all born into death, and it is a natural part of life. Always there is only Love. So how we “spend” this time called a life is so important and the only true value. Money will come and go and that is never a real loss, it always regenerates. So “Spend” time with real matters of importance and value. Moments are precious!!

ML: Still just allowing him to lie in the current position of drugs to comfort pain. No change, still determined to let him die it appears.

GMP: Remember this is his Story, he wrote it with thought by thought, and the Doctors are just roles in his Story. And you are in his Story as well, with your own Story! I need to only hold focus for him to get clear as to how he determines this. Altars show me he has options. So we blocked the Doctors making a “definite diagnose”. If they do, all will buy in and options will be resolve!! So be strong and not add drama here. Be still, hold the focus for him to decide and have peace inside your own space that this is his to do!! This walk is between him and Great Spirit.

ML: Ya I got that yesterday too. Had a peace come over me that what I can do is with his Spirit. Last night in Dream Speaker we visited in the Spirit realm where we use to go and visit with others to bring them comfort and peace. The remembrance was for me as well as him. The last time we journey there together he was told not to come back because he could not be present in this world and that one too. He kept trying to stay there because he loved working over there. This morning I read scripture and played my flute he was in my thoughts and it was beautiful. Wado Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha.

GMP: Beloved God is always present, and it’s only the body that is temporary. That is why here in Earth all matter resolves its forms. Nature teaches us that as the seasons and cyclic patterns move so does all life. Learning detachment liberates us to let go of fear of loss. The Spirit is eternal. Listen with your open heart….

 Life is a Cycle, a Cycle is a Circle and in a Circle all returns to where it began!!

We are always homeward bound!! God IS home to our Spirits. All is love, all is as God Is, and no need to fear loss, never is there a reality of loss. All good things always. I am a simple woman, and in this I know, we are never alone, and always there is love. Allow it to flow and peace and trust prevail.

ML:  Amen and Aho!