How you approach challenges on a daily basis is a critical aspect of your decision-making process, whether in business or in your personal life. One of the most desirable attitudes of a winner is the ability to remain optimistic in uncertain times and to see challenges as opportunities, setbacks as temporary inconveniences. The positive attitude also welcomes change as friendly, and is not upset by surprises.

Parisha Taylor shares two key emotions dominate human motivation with opposite, but equally effective results – fear and desire. Fear of failure is the most powerful negative motivator. It is like a hammer or red light. Fear restricts, closes, panics, forces, and ultimately abandons plans and defeats goals. Desire is like a strong, positive manager. It attracts, reaches, opens, directs, and encourages plans and achieves goals.

You will be motivated to go after any goal if you passionately believe you deserve and expect to be able to achieve it. How you prepare for success is crucial. Preparation bolsters positive expectation.

Parisha Taylor bottomline says “You may not get what you want in life, but in the long run, you probably will get what you expect.” ~ pa’ris’ha