Parisha Taylor says “If it’s comfortable you’re not changing anything remember? Some are doing things of ego in the day and it feels great and your ego is inflated and you convince yourself that’s real and on course!! That’s self-deception! True reality is changing the field and charging it with new energy and life force, so that’s the life of a spiritual athlete here to hold the championship field. “The field is the field of energy.  It is all around you. Each of us have a personal field of up to 10 feet (over 2 metres). Beyond this is the field of limitless possibilities.  That which you fill your field with is what magnetises to you from the field of possibilities.  So if you want different you have to think different, do different, be different.  With great appreciate to the example set by Grandmother Parisha. We see the glorious Light of the sun because of the resistance created between the ultra violet (UV) light from the Sun and the Earths electro-magnetic shield.  Where the two come together there is resistance and from this there is the creation of light.  True if you look into the space it is not illuminated​ with Sun Light. The UV rays have no light of their own. As shared by Grandmother Parisha “The challenge is choice beloveds, when given free will it is the test and challenge of choice. Do you serve for the many or the self? The message is to stimulate your mind and meet the challenges that create the resistance-charge that creates the out-come.”Recalling a story shared by Parisha Taylor:  be like the Butterfly who has to wriggle and wriggle to break the cocoon and only after much effort emerge with the full pumping fluids to unfold the wings so they dry open and magnificent.  Without the resistance to push through there is no effort and the wings remain folded and dry crumpled.