Over the next 20 days, I will be teaching and sharing with powerful and wonderful people at Seeking Vision. We’ll be in the Desert and outer base of the Grand Canyon. Our focus will be on the following outline of thoughts and contemplation! Join us; take some time each day and journal on this!!

“All of our life is to achieve greatness. Doing your best in all you do is what sets you aside, and being your own light in our world! Be curious; wake each day seeking and investigating life. Growth and change is inevitable! Do your best and more good comes. Always reach higher and maxime your efforts, knowing you gave it all you got and can be. There is a grand plan for your life and it happens when you do your best. Not against and not to compete, trying to be better than…Step up your game and be your best at being YOU!! Waste no time to worry about anyone else’s game; do yours!! We are here with our own message and mission. Use your life as your classroom ….TEACH!! You’re the sole purpose of why you’re here. You’re a message no other can give. It’s not the envelope, it’s what’s inside. You are the one and only in purpose!!!”

We will be meditating and sending out our energy, and our caring. We are One and Inner-connected!!