This morning’s Daily Word” from Unity is about blessing teachers. It made me think of the many teachers in my life. First and foremost was my first grade teacher, Miss Wareham, who was a gem. She instilled in me the “joy of discovery”at a very early age, even though I was so frustrated at the process of learning. She encouraged me to have a confidence in myself to make the effort and go for it. Her careful diligence paid off, because that joy of discovery has stayed with me throughout all of my life.

I don’t have space and time to acknowledge all the many teachers throughout my life that helped shape my thinking and bring me to the place in consciousness that I now find myself. Some of them were amazing leaders and teachers and people that I didn’t know on a personal basis. Others, whom I met, I had ongoing interactions with as part of my journey. 

All the authors, courses, workshops, trainings, seminars, conferences and gatherings, that I have attended or in which I have participated, have taught me an education of sorts and shaped my worldview of what I think is what. 

I especially appreciate so many ordinary people just being themselves, who demonstrated and taught love in their own unique ways and nurtured the immature and curious being that I was.

I bless all my teachers, including the difficult growth opportunities that pushed me to reach for greater awareness in my expression of living.

I specially want to bless a teacher that has opened me to seeing the world from entirely new perspectives for which I am ever grateful.  Through my time studying with the Cherokee Grandmother and Medicine Woman, Parisha Taylor  I have developed an understanding and appreciation for living life more fully and with more awareness.

I give a tip of the hat to our up and coming generations of young leaders, like my granddaughter, Carole Rondeau and Ben Mertick he son of Lindy Mertick Alan Allan Mertick who we recently just met. These young beings bring me so much hope for the future of our planet.

When I read this blessing this morning my mind immediately went to current teachers, Violetta Borowski and Robert Borowski, who are good friends and wonderful souls. The ones who experience their teaching and encouragement are blessed indeed.

Here is today’s Daily Word:


“Teachers change the world by opening the minds of their students, expanding their horizons and creating new paths of possibility and achievement. Teachers sow seeds of creativity that blossom into inspiring thoughts and kindled imaginations.

I bless teachers with my prayers for their patience, inspiration, and understanding. I see them supported in their efforts and appreciated for their expertise and dedication.

In gratitude, I remember those teachers who helped me become the person I am, who recognized and nurtured my gifts and helped me master necessary skills. I bless and give thanks for the teachers who are guiding today’s students to reach their potential and live their dreams.”

“May my teaching drop like the rain, my speech condense like the dew; like gentle rain on grass, like showers on new growth.—Deuteronomy 32:2”