Parisha Taylor Divine Blueprint

We each have a beautiful Spirit as Parisha Taylor reminds us. It is our very essence, but we are sometimes unable to have a clear, inner connection, to our physical body. We live our lives unable to have health, wealth, and the happiness that is our birthright.

The frequency of our souls and the frequency of our bodies are, more often than not, misaligned. We might experience resistance and incoherence between the two if they are in outright conflict and disassociation. All
too often, we make choices early in life that separate us from the blue print of our purpose; our reason for being. As we distrust our original purpose, we start to feel unworthy of the magnificence of who we really are. When this happens, we get confused and begin to let take root in our being, that there is a disconnect between what we desire and what is showing up in our lives. We begin to judge the segments of our life’s moments. When we lose sight of the Source of our lives we invite separation to move in, we become alone in our illusions.

This occurs because of disappointments and grief in our lives, even as early as birth. As children, we had experiences that were traumatizing. In particular, events in which we were injured physically or were subjected to strong emotional situations that left us feeling frightened, betrayed, angry or sad. We made decisions based on those moments about how the world treats us. We then began to expect similar experiences and now the world around us responds to our expectations. We have fallen victim to our own negative expectations.

Stumbling along without the full power and presence of our Spirit, in many ways we lose synergy with our purpose and codes that allow for our divinity to be expressed through our body/Altar. The understanding that our bodies
are altars is perfectly illustrated by our fingerprints. Every human ever born has totally unique fingerprints. No two are alike. Each one of us embodies our own specific purpose, that only we can carry out.

“Altar”, in this sense, refers to a physical object where “spirit” meets “matter”; the “above” meets the “below” or the “macro” meets the “micro”. The body/Altar then is the vessel through which the soul implements its purpose in the world. We could say that we are the arms and legs of God.

Sometimes, when you are feeling your spirit, your body gets ungrounded, like you don’t belong. You can’t be so spiritually bound that you are no earthly good. Your spirit and body need to work together. When presented
with a lofty idea, my Grandmother always asked, will it grow corn? Do you know that you should have more energy and better health, but can’t seem to get there? Feel like you’re doing the right things, but see no progress? There is a reason you are not getting there, even though you feel like you are doing the right things. For example, you could be getting plenty of exercise and eating all the right foods yet your health is declining; you can barely get out of bed in the morning. Those decisions you made early in life and reinforced with emotional responses, formed beliefs in lack and unhappiness that are now so powerful, they override even your best intentions. They are silent shadows that cloud your conscious mind, sabotaging your health and your success. This can be changed by clearing these beliefs and making different decisions.

Imagine how it will feel to have clear mind permanently and know you are living your purpose.

Our Spirit is crying for reality, genuine experiences, which only physical life can give to it. We are God’s intention in this world, designed with a specific purpose that no one else can fulfill. Only in our beautiful bodies can we experience love. The negative thoughts that poisoned our spirit must be rooted out. We are created for health, wealth and happiness, not to be sick, broken, poor, confused or any other incoherent state of mind. And yet, what the body is crying for in mortal experience, only the Spirit can fulfill. As you permit this union of Spirit and body, so will you directly know what it feels like to be the love that you are.

When more of your spirit is merged into you, an undeniable shift is created. It becomes the starting point for a new reality in which health, happiness, abundance and meaning are supported from the highest frequencies. We become more light and energy, and less matter, hence the term ‘enlightenment.’ Gloriously, we remember who we are and our divine origins. Enlightenment is a state of indescribable peace, a deep passionate peace. We can now more fully experience the present moment in all its wonderment without the burden of the past or concerns for the future. There is a profound coherence between Body and Spirit; old programs, limitations, states of dis-ease have effortlessly resolved themselves. It is then that you can profoundly understand and experience what Love is all about.

We have trillions of cells in our body and they all respond to vibration: light, sound, energy, love. All that exists can be measured and resonates a frequency. Research from the science of human vibrations over decades now has found that there is a scale of frequencies that corresponds to a person’s level and state of mind. Love is the highest  vibration we can hold.

We encompass the greatest light and potential that we consciously invoke. In this way, everything the Observer/Spirit does is translated into a process in the body. You literally cannot have a body without being connected to your Observer/Spirit.

Love realigns the body at a cellular level with the highest possible spirit or highest light that the body can hold.

~ Pa’Ris’Ha