The Body As An Altar

 The Body As An Altar 

 The Old One said, “All life resonates from our existence. The universe is our outer body. All is connected.” This has been an echo that has been at the heart of a life time of seeking and exploring being Human. How and what does it mean to be human? Like the subatomic level of atoms and electrons that are the base of all matter and form, Man is such in the Cosmos.

As we approach the fulfilling prophesies of our Ancients we are being given guidance to prepare for another leap of consciousness that will occur in the Gregorian calendar year of 2013. Our Being as an Earth Altar means our Physical, Spirit, (The Observer or Indweller), and Mental bodies are in transition as well. Being rich can not buy a day of health. Our goals of fortune and wealth need to first consider our state of well being and care.

We do not acknowledge enough the importance of health during our pursuit of money and longevity. Life is simply the exchanging of time for experience and evolving is what it is all about. We are here to evolve and we are given unconditional love that nurtures us. We can make life whatever we choose to think it is. We have created a world of limitations and focus on gross matter. For hundreds of years science has adopted the belief that everything is matter- atoms in a void.

Dogma and materialism have not succeeded in accounting for the intimate and most familiar experiences of life. We have no harmony in our world view. We now are moving to a new view and thought that is integrating the physical and spirit. We can show God exists through science. We come to understand the “Whole Human Condition”. Science validates the wisdom of the Ancients, that consciousness, not atoms, is the ground level of all Being. Consciousness makes us all One and connects us to the One That Is In All Things.

Quantum physics is opening our minds to a new paradigm of awareness where we become the adventure of evolution. According to von Neumann, when we measure a quantum object consciousness changes the quantum wave of possibility, or the object, into an actual event of experience. Quantum physics says we are surrounded by possibilities, so the openness around us is nothing other than a field of energy that is simply choices. Free will is just that, choices. And who makes these choices? Consciousness. Here lies the power and downward causation.

Ever hear, “You create your own reality!”? Classic physics gave us grounds for invalid mind sets. We believed that there was a separate reality “out there”, and that it was detached and alone in consciousness. In clinical and institutional medicine this was what divided the “Healers”. Medical practitioners ignored and gave no consideration for the patients’ consciousness, and even with much evidence of the patients’ state of mind influencing their own healing, it was still ignored and denied.

Today the field of dualism is resolved with what quantum physics has brought into the experience of awareness and science. The clinical medical professionals are coming to understand the reality that the physical body is just a representation of our subtle bodies. Medicine must face the facts that they need to consider all our bodies, not just the physical. There needs to be a willingness to open the mind to the knowledge that for thousands of years Ancient Cultures have observed the relationship between man and his environment, and worked successfully with the body’s energy fields and nature’s pharmaceuticals. Eastern, Asian, and Native peoples have a more holistic consideration of health and disease and the interplay between these opposites.

In this age of information awareness of environment, health and mankind’s responsibility to evolution, there needs to be an integration of East and West, and as well North and South.

There is wisdom of global magnitude awaiting to elevate our consciousness and heal our suffering. All is energy. We have the ability to change our state of well being with sound and color and herbs and we can live in harmony if we chose. The Physicians’ logic is analytical so they treat through the process of bodily phenomena and surgically cut through what they cannot rationalize or define.

Natural and Ancient healers considers the complete physiology and psychological condition of the individual. All relevant information, including the symptoms and the patient’s general characteristics, is reviewed and woven into a pattern of disharmony and imbalance.

Therefore, there is a workable whole picture of the person’s condition. A doctor could diagnose ten people with the same conditions and prescribe the same treatment for them all with no consideration for any of their individual situations of cause and effect. The healers consider the total configuration and patterns of disharmony to restore balance and wellness. They use the tools of sound, color and nature in rendering the Being Whole.

Viewing the body as consciousness and using the elements,wind, fire, water and Earth to maintain the sacredness of life is what Ancient Wisdom and Science is doing today.

Working with dis-easement and suffering of limited consciousness has taken me into the realms of human suffering and prejudice. I have found we make real what we believe and our mind set determines our lifestyle and level of happiness. People make Gods of the Doctors and do not ask the questions that brings them out of the suffering.

Trust is healing and has a powerful effect. Counseling and listening is an essential part of the lasting results of any treatment. Let people share their beliefs. Most cases will have to be given mind altering practices as part of the treatment if there is to be a complete cure.

Healers need to have training in bodywork and counseling techniques that release and cleanse the body’s cellular memory of trauma. There will need to be treatment to pro mote mental and emotional clarity, personal growth and the ability to change for the better any state or condition that feeds the imbalances. A patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual lifestyle choices, put into an experiential and educational process facilitates well being. Consciousness is what changes the physical state.

Western psychology does not focus on the deeper or spiritual base of our Being. It is more on the persona and superficial part of our nature. Eastern and Indigenous cultures are focused on self-actualization to induce the healing nature of our Being. Natural healing is based more on the results of quantum physic’s position that we are consciousness first, which is in line with Ancient practices, Esoteric techniques, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Asian Medicines. Today we are aware of how sound, chanting and dancing brings energy into our field of experience that has effect on our body and mind. Our attitudes and thoughts play major roles in our outcome.

My Tibetan friends and extended family have taught me the power of Dharma, the summit of the evolution of human consciousness. Dharma as a way of life is the same as how my Cherokee Ancestors lived by the Principals as they were referred to as The Principal People. In Christian scripture in the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes says all is meaningless unless we live by Gods principals. I have studied global religious and Spirituality I found they all bring us the message that to experience the union with the God within liberates us from the pain of ignorance, and identifying with suffering ego. Once this occurs it delivers us in to peaceful awareness of the eternal presence that resides within us. Children of God grow up to be who?

So as we evolve in the awareness of ourselves as consciousness, we understand energy and how to maintain balance and harmony. How we move forward now is to become aware of what state of being we are in and what we have allowed to happen to this Altar we call a body. Dr. Hulda Clark and Edgar Cayce were resources I found in support of my Cherokee Grandmother’s remedies and treatments for body care and wholeness. We have moved willingly into dangerous practices and lifestyles with our desire for comfort and laziness.

All the research and information to cure the fatal disorders of our bodies, like cancer and AIDS, is available if we look. We choose to be victims if we don’t.

To begin to care and find self respect is to take responsibility for our own Being. As we come to the challenges of growth, there are things that we do everyday unthinking that brings on the conditions of imbalance. For example, Prostate conditions in men come from nickel deposits in body. Our bodies cannot process nickel, yet we get large deposits of it from our metal eating utensils, and the jewelry we wear. Parasites and viruses are the base of cancer and AIDS. People are cured just by getting the body cleansed of these invaders. Research has proven this over thirty years ago. People in the past cleansed the body more on a seasonal basis. We do not do this, today more than ever our body is polluted with chemicals and preservatives.

As we gather in collective consciousness, we grow and lift the quality of life we experience. Old dogma’s, religions and political control has no future. Treat your body as the Altar where you meet face to face and heart to heart with what you accept as supreme intelligence, in whatever sacred Name you call it. Live as you believe God to Be. And love as you desire to be loved. Appreciate and focus on what you want more of in life.

©  2005 Pa’Ris’Ha