The Quantum Leap to Being

 The Quantum Leap to Being 

We are becoming a totally transformed evolved Being. Different from the step-by-step practices and processes that keep us spinning in our denials, the accelerated pace at which we are moving today it is a leap into transformation that is called the Quantum Leap of consciousness. There are many different takes on just what or who is at the base of this and as we remain open to following our heart we will come to know. The wonder of life is that whether we wish it or not, we continue to seek until we find and are connected to our true self and our Divine Existence. When we attain our real self, spirit in form, we will experience so much more understanding and peace of mind. Love will be a given that is no longer our deep hunger, and knowledge will become the wisdom that liberates us. No physical affliction will affect us. Science is closer than ever to Mysticism as its Mother.

And quantum physics is proving what spiritual seekers have found and what the ancients left us in scriptures to help us remember, that we are the ones we have been waiting for. You and I must make the changes. Through our collective consciousness we are moving to lift the veil of doubt and to live as awakened Children of God. We, the Human Race, have been in Earth for eons now, and we have come to love our human form and life to the point we have lost sight of our origins and purpose. We tend to avoid change but we continue to pursue truth and desire to know the big picture. We are more educated today than all the generations before us, but we have succeeded in denying our core essence, our inner self, our Spirit, our divinity.

Our Ancestors, and I do refer here to all cultures, have evolved from an earlier time of acceptance of ourselves as Starseeds. Our Ancestors, and I am referring to ancestors from all cultures, evolved from an earlier time in which it was accepted that we were Starseeds. I have devoted  fifty years studying ancient cultures to come to a greater understanding of our  Human origins and how the brain works it is always apparent, we are who we keep waiting for or hoping will come to make it better.

We explore outer space and a world that is merely temporary to us, but we are not in touch with our Being. We have been missing the point that transformation takes place in chaos when it seems nothing is happening. We forget that to grow in wisdom we must come to find wisdom is within us always. Our Inner Self, the observer, the indweller is who we are seeking. The “Who am I?”. The “What am I here for?” questions finally get us through the veils of doubts and fears. In addition to all our questions much conditioned thinking needs to be cleared in the subconscious and unconscious mind.

As our transformation continues our thoughts and values transform as well. Our potential is greater and our course of direction is transcendence, which is even closer to where we all began. I recall that as I was growing up among my Cherokee family, our Old Ones said to us daily, “Life is a cycle, a cycle is a circle and in the Circle, all returns to where it began.” so we would not get confused or lost in life’s challenges. This has always been my compass and has helped me during many testing times.

While transformation is not, transcendence is the leap that gets us there and we are well on track today. The seed and pattern of The One is within all of us and we are cultivating our mind and opening our consciousness to Being, and that Being is us becoming the children of God.

Intuition is becoming our common nature. You will know, not think. You will see truth. Our entire society is evolving to expanded mind. As each of us lifts ourselves up, we lift others. It begins with each of us, and as we help our self and expand our self it affects all; we are interconnected. The vibrational field is changing and matter is transforming into a divine state and element.

We are not always able to see this happening, like the saying “we are too close to the trees to see the forest.” Or when we see the solid mass of stone we are unaware of the vibrational level of its unseen qualities. We have the same possibility in our body mass to jump from a doubting, brooding, confused state to a totally different mindset and consciousness. We let go of the past and use the knowledge learned there and allow ourselves to shift and Be. We are surrounded by possibilities and we need only make the choice.

Wisdom cannot be taught, it comes through the experience of knowledge. So the sum of and the outcome of what we do with what we know is how we acquire wisdom. That ‘s is simple enough but not always as easy for us to do. Our sense of value, our value of our self, has a major impact on this. Trustworthiness comes up. Can and do we trust our selves?
The fact is that when we fail to make the goals we set, it is not because we do not believe in the progress it offers, but because we stop opening to the possibilities and potentials therein. We block the flow of communication with the One That Is In All Things. We fail because we do not believe we are Chosen. We allow others to be more loved than our self. We have accepted that we can never be chosen, we are flawed. But then who is choosing the Chosen? I accept that you and I can become the chosen just by stepping up and choosing that it is our time to change it. Love begins with us. Respecting that we have a gift called life that it is precious and every moment is a potential breath to greatness. These things cannot be taught to us; they come from our Being.

In two thousand four 2004, almost everyone I loved was challenged with some disease and many also lost family members. I had to face cancer again myself. When we begin to understand just how much we can Be as an instrument, and how much love we are created in, then there is such powerful force that surround us. We can be of such help as a collected consciousness to heal and have effect in our world and all that is transpiring now. Our transformation has brought a new set of values. These values are changing how medicine and science see healing energy and resources.

Our world is at the brink of galactic travel, and technology and modern physics have begun to transcend the old thoughts regarding gravity and motion. All  this is being communicated to us and we are in the flow of cosmic vibrations. There is no longer a question of whether we can do it in time to make the difference, we are the critical difference. Today it is not considered absurd to think  about being able to disappear from one place and reappear in another. It is no longer theory or New Age nonsense to say we absorb energy directly from the cosmos as we do with solar energy. Now quantum physics supports this. Astrology is given new respect and is used by noted figures in the stock markets.

Esoteric material is being reviewed by many today, and no superstition and nonsense. There is no hiding or suppression of ancient wisdom and no one group or peoples have a monopoly on spiritual knowing. There is far less suppression and less judgment due to our present transformational progress. The battle of pros and cons, right and wrong, evil and virtue are not the points of division they used to be. We judge and kill from fear, and through understanding knowledge, we release fear. We have become global beings which is our true nature. So world affairs are important to us today. Our boundaries are merging.

We cannot cut ourselves off from where we are at this time of our transition into this transformation, and whatever our situation or habitual patterns are, we are beginning to sort through them. We are being caring and allowing as part of it all. We are more concise and we are attending to the necessities and holding to what rings true to us. We can use our time and energy for what is considered worthwhile and practical to us.

To contemplate on our life is intelligent and it has great rewards of peace and joy as it liberates us to levels of existence that is clear mind and spiritual awareness. It is practical and valid as the world we know, yet it is also much more. Peace and health is what we do it all for. Long life and happiness is where it is and we have made it. We are one with the Oneness that is all life and energy, the God we seek is within. We are coming full circle.

© Copyright 2007 Pa’Ris’Ha