To the many asking for responses on questions and those dealing with conflict and confusion, I cannot respond to you each individually, but I do care, and happy to hear from you, so here’s some things I do want to say to you. All Beloveds I AM You. There is no “me” here. I am a formula in a lab called Earth. You never are in truth in any issue of what you call or think of as a separate identity in a me. I AM That I AM. I love you. I take always as your field/reality sees it. I reflect nothing more or less just what is. Reflect. All is as it is. I make no wrong just Con front-come front on all matter and MEST.

No wrong no right just what is. Love has no conditions, it just is.

Your life is your thoughts and manner of thinking. “Rational” is you rationing life force to prove your rule and agenda.

I know only the way of all things and the principals. I am a no thing, of God I AM all things. This is reality to me.

I see only what Creator has put forth. And in you Creator has put forth and in you Creator has done magificent things.