Parisha Taylor shared that, when anyone speaks, our Old Ones taught us by saying, “God speaks through the Beloveds.” Even when a Bird or a Cricket would sing they would be still and say, “Spirit is speaking to us!!”

We children would be still and listen in great awe and respect. We would have many messages we shared of what we heard. I have never lost that ability to hear all the many ways The One In All Things speaks to me.

What we say and send forth by voice reaches far into our World and even into the Universe.

Somewhere, someone is listening for a voice to give them hope and assurance of all good things.

We are always reaching out for help; the answer and message comes from our inner ability to be one with The Source. Are you really listening? Do you really accept you are loved and always within Great Spirits Circle? What do you want to hear? Speak it to others. When we say it, we hear it as well. We hear it on our thinking and in our voice. Scripture says where two or more…

So we hear through our ears and our hearts.

So let us always speak from clear mind and poetic tones. We all long for a happy voice, a tone that assures us all is well.

Great Spirit, your children of The Earth Mother need so much in these times to hear the voice of peace. So let all your many voices sing songs and words of healing and joy…..

All good things always!!!

“We looked up to the Great Spirit. We went to our Father and Mother. We were encouraged.” – Black Hawk Sac 1832