That is one of humanity’s biggest questions, Who Am I? And the reason why I suggest you ask Parisha Taylor is that she gives the best response I have ever heard; read below. She says that we are the ‘I AM”. What does that mean? That we, in compliment to our Observer, have the ability to determine where I am the God Within.

“We are the I AM, the Being spoken of by many Sacred Names, which my people speak of as “the one that is in all things”. So as you move through time as an eternal Being, you need to Observe the Body Mind and see where you determine yourself the God Within.

Take charge and respond with the ability to rule your time in matter/body. Hold yourself as sacred and righteous. BE AS GOD IS. So as you move through life as a whole, learn to BE, OBSERVE, DECIDE.

What really matters to you? Where do you see the need to change? What is the next move you need to make? Remember this is the next moment of the rest of your life. How many times have you heard or said that? Well in this Moment all can change or remain the same, what is your decision…Now? It’s that simple Beloveds, that’s all it ever takes; life is a game, play it or it will play you! So play to win Beloveds, we did not come to this Earth Mother to place or show, we came to WIN.

So take charge of where you are in this moment, control your life, that is taking charge of decisions and doing what you planned and making each day a compete part of what the whole of your intention is. Want peace in our world? What do you actively do each day to contribute to that? Want a better environment? What do you actively do to help that? See where I am going with this? Yes you do because you know.

As time in its illusional reflection holds you to matter and space, you can and will one day need to “BE, OBSERVE, DECIDE” who and what your role in this grand Drama is. Life is an Adventure, live fully and make impact.” ~ Pa’Ris’Ha